Gambia’s economic downturn, characterized by an infrastructural collapse, has driven the nation’s autocratic iron fist dictator Yahya Jammeh, into a state of total fear and confusion, with Jammeh summoning the army to take charge of some of the key money making institutions in the impoverished West African nation, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Unfamiliar faces have started surfacing in financial institutions. These unfamiliar faces have been tasked primarily to monitor officials and financial activities. The Jammeh financial foot soldiers have also been tasked to ensure that monies raised by the respective institutions got into the coffers of the corrupt Gambian dictator.

Even though The Gambia, is supposedly being ruled by a “civilian leader,” the erratic Kanilai monster, has secretly deployed top military officers to various institutions to aid him in his quest to completely bankrupt the nation. Donor agencies; Global financial institutions; Gambia’s Diplomatic allies, are being placed on notice about Jammeh’s latest desperate move to steal from financial institutions. Jammeh knew very well that the endgame for his regime is here, and is hell bent on micromanaging institutions he deems to be financially lucrative.


Lt. Colonel Baboucarr Stephen Jarju, is the Head of military intelligence at the State House. Mr. Jarju, has been moved to the Senegambian Secretariat. The reason for his secret transfer: Jammeh said our borders and ferry crossings off late have registered “low revenue” collection. As such, he has decided to assign Mr. Jarju, to spy at the Secretariat and also monitor financial activities derived from our seaports and border crossings.

As we told you Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, is a confused despot. Jammeh has by default organized a coup against his regime. Jammeh has lost faith into his Civilian appointees. He has now resorted to using soldiers to help him further wreck this country economically. Jammeh is using army officers to intimidate Civilians in order to collect money for him daily from institutions.

Lt. Colonel Baboucarr Stephen Jaru’s Deputy Buba Jammeh, has been out of work for months. He is said to be sick. An army officer, who goes with the aliases “Manager” is overseeing the military intelligence at the State House at this hour.

Army Major Bully Tamba of the State House Operations, has been moved to the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) with immediate effect. Mr. Tamba’s job at NAWEC, include monitoring cash flow and onward transmission to Yahya Jammeh.

Mr. Tamba has been replaced by his Deputy Captain Momodou Lamin Mendy. Mr. Mendy is now in charge of State House Operations.

Lieutenant Colonel Alhagie Sanneh of the National Disaster unit, was recently summoned by Yahya Jammeh for questioning. The subject of Sanneh’s conversation with Jammeh centered on what Jammeh calls “low revenue” reporting coming from NDAMA. Mr. Sanneh was threatened by Jammeh during the said meeting. Jammeh told him that he wants to see an unprecedented revenue increase in their next financial reporting or else he would live to regret it.

“You will not see the word Christmas on earth, if your next revenue reporting is not doubled,” Jammeh tells panic stricken Alhagie Sanneh. Mr. Sanneh left Jammeh’s office in tears. Sources said Sanneh was crying like a baby. 

Lt. Colonel Alhagie Sanneh has been Jammeh’s main financial conduit when it comes to stealing Disaster Relief Funds belonging to the poor and needy. Mr. Sanneh was transferred to NDAMA purposely to steal donor’s funds for the greedy Kanilai dictator. Now Mr. Sanneh, has been given an ultimatum by Jammeh to revamp the declining revenue at NDAMA. This means Sanneh and his team must resort to fundraising drive, or else he risked being jailed by the dictator. 

Colonel Amangkuwa, of The Gambia Armed Forces Headquarters, has been appointed Deputy Permanent Secretary (PS) of Defense. His job is to monitor financial activities between the Ministry of Defense and the office of the President. He used to be the Head of Policy and Planning at the Army Headquarters.

Lieutenant Kemo Kanuteh of the Farafenni Army barracks, has been moved to the airport to monitor The Gambia International Airline (GIA), The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA). Mr. Kanuteh is a career military intelligence officer. He studied in the United States. He is heading a section of military intelligence officers (eight soldiers) at the airport. Mr. Kanuteh is also partially running the army newsletter. He was posted at Farafenni, before he was moved to the airport.

Lt. Francis Jatta of the State Guard (SG) Signal Unit (Communication) has been attached to Gamtel and Gamcel. He monitors revenue raised by the two institutions; particularly revenues derived from international call terminations.

Captain Modou MK Manneh, an Adjutant at the Fajara barracks (GNG) has been tasked to monitor The Gambia Tourism Authority.

Lt. Richard Corea of the GAF Medical Services (GAF MRS) has been assigned to monitor funds coming from the United States (State Department) HIV/AIDS prevention program; UN AIDS and the National Aids Secretariat.

Abdoulie Saidykhan, together with a team of twenty three (23) NIA officers have been tasked to monitor and report all ongoing financial activities at The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) and The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA).

All Department Heads; Managing Directors; and Projector Coordinators are being warned to be extra vigilant. Yahya Jammeh’s goal is to use these army personnel to further steal from Departments.

In each of the aforementioned prastatals and institutions, there are NIA officers attached to monitor daily official activities. With the redeployment of the military to these key financial institutions, one is left to conclude that Jammeh’s faith in the NIA has shaken.

Officials should avoid entertaining or having any private conversation with the military personnel mentioned herein. They have been developed to tell on to workers and MDS. They have also been deployed to aid and abet Jammeh in his unfinished stealing spree.

Military Intelligence Questioned GAF Credit Union

The Military Intelligence has started crackdown on some of the GAF officials implicated into the racketeering of the Army Credit Union Funds, the Freedom Newspaper can report. This followed a Freedom Newspaper, lead story detailing the alleged embezzlement of the GAF Credit Union Funds by certain members of the Force. The following officers are on the radar of the Military Intelligence (MI).

Major Musa Jammeh, an army officer, was questioned by the military intelligence about the source of his properties in The Gambia. Mr. Jammeh’s two houses at Brusibi, and another house at Abuko, were subject of an MI investigations. Major Musa Jammeh also owns a  200m x 200m square plot garden in  Bafuloto village, just behind Farato. Mr. Jammeh told the investigators that one of his brothers residing abroad owns the properties. None of the properties were registered in the name of Musa Jammeh.

Colonel Bah, GAF Finance Director, is also under investigation. Mr. Bah is said to be building two storey buildings in Lamin, just behind the St. Peters High School. When asked about the source of the two properties, Colonel Bah, told the investigators that the two properties belongs to his brother, who is said to be residing in America.

Lt. Madikoi Jammeh, another army officer, is being investigated in connection with a big house he built in Nema-Su. Mr. Jammeh also had another house in Old Yundum, where he is presently residing with his family.  

General Sillah Kujabi, the Commander of the Navy is also under investigation. The source of Mr. Kujabi’s luxurious multimillion dalasi home is being probed by the military intelligence. Kujabi owns one of the most expensive homes among the personnel of The Gambian military. 

Kujabi’s home is situated in Brusubi. Kujabi used to be the Board Chairman of the seemingly bankrupt GAF Credit Union. Sources said Kujabi derived some part of the source of his home from the proceeds of foreign trawlers caught illegally fishing in Gambian waters by the Navy. It has been gathered that Kubaji and co collect bribes from foreign vessel owners, when illegally caught encroaching in our waters. Millions of dalasis has been amassed by the likes of Kujabi from such corrupt practices.

Sources also said Sillah Kujabi, was among the officers, who allegedly bankrupted the GAF Credit Union. Millions of soldiers’ funds have been embezzled while Mr. Kujabi, was overseeing the Credit Union Board.

According to sources, Mr. Sillah Kujabi, was recently invited for questioning by the military intelligence to explain the source of his home. Kujabi is yet to be cleared by the investigators, sources said.


As the Presidential elections are fast approaching, Gambia’s panic stricken dictator Yahya Jammeh, has decreed that all soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces, including the personnel of the National Intelligence Agency, (NIA) must secure a National Identity Card, and Voters Card now towards October 20th. Failure of which, could lead to the arrest and subsequent dismissal of wanting security personnel.

The Jammeh Decree was communicated to the respective Security Heads for implementation. General Saul Badjie, in particular has asked the men under his command to comply with Jammeh’s orders.

The irony behind Jammeh’s Decree is to account for the soldiers in possession of voters’ card. The dictator wants to intimidate the soldiers to vote for him come election day.


The Army has reported about a massive desertion of soldiers enlisted in “Recruit intake 34.” Sixty seven soldiers (67) have absconded from the jurisdiction of The Gambia. The majority of the deserters were said to be members of the Green, Green Boys and Casamance natives.

The Military Police raided the homes of the absconded soldiers. Shockingly, the personnel of the military police, were told that the soldier deserters have returned home (Casamance). The majority of the deserters were Casamance natives.

It has been gathered that some of the army deserters have ventured into the “backway” to Europe. Some were arrested for failing to show up to work. The soldiers concerned have been taken into custody.

The absconded soldiers have complained about poor pay. The average army private of “Recruit intake 34” earns thousand four hundred dalasi (D1, 400). They also complained about working long hours at Jammeh’s farm in Kanilai. The soldiers hardly see their families. They spent most of their time in Kanilai.

In another development, Yahya Jammeh,  has issued a cash prize of one million dalasi D1 Million for anyone, who can volunteer information about the person(s) feeding the Freedom Newspaper with Jammeh’s dubious corrupt practices and crimes against humanity, according to competent State House insiders. General Saul Badjie, has been tasked to oversee the monetary bounty issued against the Freedom Newspaper source(s).  

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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