The Ruling APRC Political Bureau in Kanifing, has been set on fire by an unknown arsonists this morning, leaving a police officer critically injured, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The building was completely set ablaze. There is total destruction to property.

JAMMEH IS SICKNational Intelligence Agency personnel, Members of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU), and soldiers have stormed the burnt APRC political bureau. No arrest has been made yet. The arsonists are at large.

The APRC political bureau, is situated at the defunct Taiwanese Embassy in Kanifing, not far from the Post Office. The building used to be owned by the late Accountant General Abu Denton. The property was seized from the late AG.

In the meantime, investigators are busy trying to piece evidence together in an attempt to establish the people behind the arson attack. Similar attacks occurred few weeks ago, in which the Total Petrol Station in Bakau, near the Independence Stadium was set on fire. The Gas Depot at Abuko, including a truck filled with gas were also set ablaze.

No one has so far taken responsibility for the ongoing attacks directed at Jammeh’s properties, including the Ruling APRC political bureau in Kanifing. The incident occurred in the early morning of Sunday.

National Security analysts observed that the coordinated arson attacks are signs of rebel insurgency hit and run activities. So far the operations spearheaded by the arsonists, have been executed successfully without any of the attackers apprehended,

“The ultimate goal is to agitate the disenchanted populace to rebel against the Jammeh regime,” said one of the analysts.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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