General Bora Colley, has been taken ill and is undergoing treatment at his private residence in Banjulnding, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Colley, who is the Kanilai, Camp Commander, has not been showing up to work for the past two weeks, due to ailing health condition, sources added. Colley is said to be suffering from a spiritual spell “KORTEH.”

Mr. Colley, who is a career member of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s constituted assassin team, was briefly attended by doctors, but the doctor’s diagnosis suggest that no disease was found in his system. The doctors attended to Colley at his residence. The move was aimed at keeping the public out of the loop particularly his colleagues at the army.

In the meantime, a grand marabout, has been hired to help cure the sick Kanilai Camp Commander. The marabout is being hosted by Bora Colley. Sources said the Army General is severely ill.

For some reasons, Yahya Jammeh doesn’t want Bora Colley to be admitted at the Francis Small Teaching Hospital. He has given orders for Mr. Colley to be attended at his home.

Mr. Colley’s ailing health has been attributed to spiritual spell. He is yet to recover.

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