An interesting development took place in court yesterday, when the police prosecution informed the court that they were not aware about the arrest of Tina Faal, even though the police arrested her, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The prosecutor also said they were also not aware that Tina Faal was detained at the mile two prison. The presiding magistrate Omar Cham, asked the prosecutor why the police was not in the picture in regards to Tina’s re-arrest and subsequent detention at mile two, but the lying prosecutor was speechless. He has nothing convincing to tell the magistrate.

TINA FAAL NEWIt is now evident that the police are also complicit in Yahya Jammeh’s secret abduction and false imprisonment of Gambians. It turns out that Tina Faal, was indeed re-arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, a GDC supporter, who wrote to us asked: “ Just of curiosity if Madam Fatou Tambajang she is an independent mediator, and was in court during Darboe, and co’s trial, how come she is mute over the case of Tina? She never attended Tina’s trial. She never visited her in prison. What’s the difference between the case of Darboe and co and that of Tina Faal? It is not different; is it?.”

Ms. Tambajang could not be reached for comment.

In another development, according to the GDC supporter, “ The GDC rally which was scheduled take place on August, 20th, in Banjul, has been postponed. Instead of holding the rally in Banjul, it is going to be held in Bakau, on August, 20th.  Jammeh was meant to have a program in Kanilai, to give medals to Yaye Compins and some military officers, but the moment he knew about the GDC Banjul rally, he changed the Kanilai venue to Banjul.”  

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