First I will begin by thanking you so much for the information you are providing to the Gambian people and other listeners about what is going on in the Gambia. I have been reading and listening to radios and I am very sad to read and hear some comments and one troubling is GAMBIANKOLU’S information spreading. The website is accusing OJ of lying and Mama Kandeh not being the right man to run for president. OJ was on radio saying that there is no big party when it comes to coalition and he is not saying that he does not recognize any big party of course the UDP is the biggest opposition party in the country but when it comes to the biggest party in the country is APRC, which is the fact on the ground for the past four elections.

OJ is saying that when all the parties are to come together let them forget the number of registered voters a party have because if they insist on that then coming together will be problem. IF Gambiankolu is claiming that UDP should be considered as the biggest party why it did loose the last four elections and not even loosing but the percentages are lower from 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011. If you are not winning you are not large in voters because the large ones in voters are winning.

The Gambia does not have a second round of voting where the bigger party can join with the small party to form a coalition if no winner of fifty percent emerge. In the western world and where second round of voting is allowed, when no winner emerge from the election the big party go after the smaller ones and ask them to join the one with the majority percentage to form a coalition not the smaller ones going after the big party unless Gambiankolu lives in the sky.

OJ is saying a proverb in local language that if you get to a water well which is 30 meters deep and five of you all need to drink but none has enough rope length to get water then it is better you all join your rope size to get to the bottom of water. UDP fifteen meter rope can reach the water and so they cannot drink, PDOIS one meter rope cannot get the water either, PPP two meter rope also is not long, NRP three meter is not enough also and the other parties nine meters cannot get to the water so what can they do. They sit by the water well and die of thirst or come to a consensus join all the rope together get water and each one drink water according to your percentage of length.

OJ has sacrificed a lot; also tortured and detained several times and even to the extent of losing sight to one of his eye. OJ did recognized the sacrifice Solo Sandeng did for the country but what he said was the same thing Ousainou Darbo said when he was asked if he is aware that solo sanding is out for election reform I quote I AM NOT AWARE AND I AND UDP ARE NOT PART OF THE PEACEFUL DEMAND unquote. But when Ousainou realized or was informed that Solo Sanding was tortured to death and buried then he said he will go out and demand his body alive of dead not to continue to demonstrate for election reform. OUR MOTHERLAND HERO TODAY IS SOLO SANDING UNTIL GAMBIA IS WIPE OUT OF THE EARTH.

Mama Kandeh does not have to inform the diaspora that he wants to run election because all the parties presently in the Gambia did not inform diaspora to form a party as long as the constitution requirements are fulfilled then it is ok. Every citizen of the country has a constitutional right to form a party and not to be dedicated when someone can form a party.

Mama Kandeh is getting the numbers so all we need to do is encourage them to form a coalition party because even Dembo Bojang of UDP and OJ of PPP spoke on the radio saying that Mama Kandeh contacted them before forming a party and did not oppose to the idea so who are we to tell him not to form a party.

Working for Yaya Jammeh before does not mean you are not qualify to form a party how many of us in the diaspora worked for Yaya Jammeh government and today and opposing him. God has given us the mind and the thinking to change our mind as long as the mind changing does not offend another human being.

Human being offend God and down the road change mind and ask for forgiveness from God it can be accepted. UDP, NRP and PDOIS contested four elections in the Gambia and tell me if you do your homework was their percentage better from 1996 to 2011 or worst, according to statistics it was worst every election so my dear brothers and sisters let us encourage them to form a coalition to win the general elections.

UDP and all the other parties stated that they are going to election so if you are not interested in election but going out in the street please do buy a ticket go to Gambia and lead the demonstration as it is so dear to you. STOP CHEAP TALK AND ACT AS YOU MEAN=



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