As many of us may have listened to the media on campaign of going to vote or not. Last week, I published an article about OJ and Mama Kandeh, but today I want to talk a little concerning the video out there from AWA SEY or TUKULORR SEY and KRUBALLY.

Tukulorr talked about some examples comparing the burning of your neighbours house and if you will stand and watch not helping and if a wedding is planned and someone dies will that program continue or not and Krubally saying no to elections. What both of you need to understand is that in any democracy the people choices should be respected and if Gambians on the ground including the political parties are going to elections who are we to denounce it as it is the only viable option.

Tukulorr talked about putting the pressure on the government of Yaya Jammeh and lobbying to the international community, tell me which African dictator, was removed from power because of pressure from the international community and the answer is none. Now for how many years have the people of Gambia calling on the assistance of the international community for help even our own ECOWAS and AU none and even where you are residing in America tell me what have they done.

The message of go to twitter or hash tacking is only informing the community what is happening in Gambia and that is very good but not to remove the dictator from power. Not going to election will only put us into a mess as was previously done and there is no international community that will come to our aid unless we solve it ourselves. 

I challenge anyone who is not in for election but peaceful protest and civil disobedience to go to Gambia and lead the way.

The truth is no one will go even if you provide a flight free of charge to Gambia to lead the demonstration. Let us promote election as the voters are hungry for change because I just came from Gambia to show solidarity with the UDP and how many of you made that trip even to neighbouring Senegal show solidarity and say to UDP I cannot come to Gambia but I am here in Senegal.

Krubally yesterday talked about a survey online that it is not a complete reflection of the people because in the Gambia there are more than one million almost two millions people. Krubally did you know that there are less than a million registered voters and when you are doing a survey on election it is wise to ask those registered to vote not the whole country.

WE HAVE A DICTATOR WHOSE ONLY WEAPON IS KILL, TORTURE, IMPRISONMENT and some may say the only solution to violence person is violence but 90% is not true because peace can also be a victory. Gambians let us call our family members and ask them to go and vote against Yaya. One imam said on his video that APRC had 72% last election 2011 and that it is not the devils that voted for him only Gambians and in North Bank Region they took first last election by voting more than 80% for APRC. Can we say that they bring people from Senegal on the NBR side may be not as OJ has mentioned. Gambians voted for APRC and we have to ask the same Gambians to vote him out.


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