Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. There is complete chaos and tension at the State House. Unknown to many Gambians, there is high tension at the State House and all the military barracks across the country. When all hell break loose, the international community will regret why they never intervene with Gambian affairs. Fellow Gambians, according to DCC agents at the Ministry of Defense, a lot of ex and current military personal have been arrested and are under detention. DCC can confirm to you that three Captains and two Lieutenants are currently under detention at the Defense Joint Headquarters which is opposite the former Atlantic Hotel. These military officers are accused of setting the APRC bureau on fire. They are also accused of setting the GNPC petrol stations on fire. Even plain clothe officers close to dictator Jammeh have been arrested and are under detention.

Dictator Jammeh, DCC is warning you that this is only the tip of the iceberg. You think conquer and divide will work but it has created mini factions in the military which are slowly and surely standing against you. A lot of military officers absconded and they were aided by great and sensible military officers. Dictator Jammeh do you want to deny that Jungler Sanyang has escaped and is in safe hands? Dictator Jammeh, do you want to deny that Jarry Badjie, is under detention and accused of helping the arsonists.

Monster Jammeh, the arson attack is a symptom to you that it’s over. The entire army is disgruntled and everyone is fed up. From an intelligence and security stand point, they know that there is no future for the Gambia, but there are few brave ones who will ultimately turn the tide, just watch and see. Dictator Jammeh do not trust the NIA anymore that is why these military officers are being detained at the Defense Joint HQ rather than the NIA. In fact it is … that the APRC bureau has been burn because Gambians it was used as a brothel where the likes of Yankuba Badjie, Seedy Njie, Babou Gaye Sonko and other members of Parliament used to take prostitutes. Yankuba Badjie do you want to deny this, DCC knows all the women.


Fellow Gambians, if you have any family member who has a top position in the military and in the government, then know that they are being monitored. Monster Jammeh is so desperate that he has created a special task force just to watch and monitor to prevent people from absconding. All the major border exit points are manned by military officers. These officers are complaining because they stay for days in the bush with no proper food and sanitation. It is finish for monster Jammeh, he is completely confused and mad. He still continues to seduce young Gambian women. Some of the girls who were recalled from America to come support monster Jammeh are now sleeping with dictator Jammeh every day.

After DCC exposed monster Jammeh on the Ethiopian prostitutes, he decided to not only expel them, but deport all of them. He continues to appoint, dismiss, re-appoint and fire again. Just this evening he fired SG Bammy Jagne and replaced him with the former SG Mr. Samba. These fools will never learn and are greedy for positions only.

Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh do not know what to do with NinkiNanka General Saul Badjie. He wants to arrest and eliminate him, but Saul Badjie, has become a big snake and cannot be rid easily. This past Monday, dictator Jammeh offered Saul Badjie the position of minister of Interior and Saul turned him down. This is dictator Jammeh at his best, he wants to isolate Saul from the soldiers then will use Ousman Sonko and company to attack Saul.

For now, dictator Jammeh, tried every trick and cannot get Saul Badjie. But monster Jammeh made a promise that he will eliminate Saul Badjie before the election. Speaking of election, even devil Zeinab is panic and has now become one of the top campaign fake managers, she is overseeing the fund raising so that she can steal all the money. She is traveling around the world trying to promote her failed husband, but she knows it’s over. Devil Zeinab just returned from France and is about to go to America. Devil Zeinab and monster Jammeh are working with Lebanese to shut down the internet especially smart phone applications. These people will eat his money and will not be able to shut down the internet. Monter Jammeh is a fool that can be fooled repeatedly.

The dictator criminal cartel is crumbling fast. Monster Jammeh, the cap does not fit you anymore, give it to someone it fits. You are like an old dry crumble tree leaf. You thought Gambian people were your garbage. Monster Jammeh is trying to strike fear and provoke disorder in the country but he knows that people are no longer afraid. Dictator Jammeh will resort to creating chaos and fighting so that he can prolong his stay in power. But it is too late! Monster Jammeh has a heart of stone and he do not have the empathy to melt his dark heart and soul. He has nobody who dares and tell him the truth, he has kick all the good people who used to advise him. He will continue to attack Gambians and will not spare anyone regardless of tribe.

Monster Jammeh you think that you are the only one who can steal and if anyone else does you arrest and jail them. Remember this saying which you used to say at the Bakau military barracks, that if a market mouse smokes then the whole market will be on fire, guess what, that is what is happening in the Gambia, everyone has to survive.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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