A magistrate court in Banjul, has granted bail to the detained GDC supporter Tina Faal, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ms. Tina Faal, whose bail was revoked by The Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, without consulting with the court, has once again been released on bail. Magistrate Omar Cham of the Banjul magistrates’ court released her on bail pending the final determination of her case.

TINA FAAL GDCMs. Faal was rearrested few hours after she granted the Freedom Newspaper an interview, in which she bashed the failed Jammeh dictatorship. Ms. Faal used to be a nominated Member of Gambia’s National Assembly. Dictator Jammeh availed her with the opportunity to serve her country in the National Assembly, but notwithstanding Ms. Faal felt that she can longer support Jammeh and the APRC—citing the lack of good governance, and leadership to steer the affairs of the West African nation. She tells Freedom Radio in an earlier interview that the APRC government is a dead regime, and that it is only regime change that The Gambia can emerge from the predicament it found herself.

Angered by Tina’s masterpiece interview, the deranged Kanilai despot ordered for Tina’s re-arrest. Ms. Faal, was picked up and dumped the mosquito infested mile two prisons. Both the police and the court said they were not aware of her re-arrest.

It should be noted that dictator Jammeh has rendered The Gambian judiciary as a total joke. Jammeh is not only in the business of overriding judges decisions, he constantly intimidate them if they ruled against the state. It has reached a point that Gambians have lost faith in the judiciary. The recipe for such mistrust is instability.

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