Pa, this past weekend, some online radio media were on subject of election 2016 and among the subjects they were diluting on was on the qualification someone needs before becoming a president of the Gambia. The contributors were saying a university degree is required and Mama Kandeh is not qualified.

Pa, the contributors quoted from the Quran which says read or learn but let everyone understand that the Quran was or is mentioning for Prophet PBUH to read in the name of Allah to know who is Allah and Islam not worldly things let them not miss quote the Quran.

Please my fellow Gambians what does university degree have to do with running the country can you remember few presidents who have been president with university degree have ran the country very bad to some extend example Bush bad economy wars Bill Clinton having an affair in the office, Sadam Hussein killing the people or the president of South Africa using state funds to fix his private home.

Please give it a break on university degree and let those who want to contest for presidency to go ahead. The running of the Presidency is open as stated on the country constitution and let us not be like Yaya Jammeh going against the constitution. Let us stop running our mouths here in the diaspora, stop insulting the people in the Gambia the final decision is there not us here in the diaspora some of us are no longer citizens of the Gambia.

I agree with Musa Jeng going to election is the only viable solution and we should give credit to Mama Kandeh. His campaign is the same like what Obama did on his first election grass root campaign which he is doing and we can see on the social media. Gambiakolu mentioned on his Facebook that the crowd in Bakau was not even to PDOIS crowd did he see that it rained that day heavy and please leave that man alone and go to Gambia and implement your policy and see how difficult it is to implement your right under a dictatorship

Coalition consensus is very important and we are not the consensus people, we are not the voters and if single majority is the winner then no party is big and all they need is a neutral candidate. Where there is a second round of voting then a bigger party with the higher percentage will lead as president or prime minister. Please let the people understand that in the Gambia we have a single majority not second round of voting



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