APRC National Mobilizer Yankuba Colley has denied reports that he has been fired as the Mayor of KMC. “It’s a lie and thank you,” Colley said while attending to a late night call from this writer, who pretended to be calling from one of the local mediums in the country. Mr. Colley, who was calm, and composed during the short phone conversation he had with this writer, vehemently rejected the rumor of his alleged removal as the Mayor of KMC.

Earlier on, this medium was fed with reports about the alleged firing of the KMC Mayor. In order to get to the veracity of the report, we contacted Mr. Colley for clarification.

“I am not fired. I am still the Mayor,” Colley posited. Mr. Colley debunked the report as utterly false and unfounded.

For the past couple of hours, reports have emerged that the Kanilai monster has fired and detained some army personnel and government officials. One Army Lieutenant Dawda Mbye, is said to be on the run. He escaped with other soldiers, sources said.

The Freedom Newspaper will continue to endeavor to verify its stories before going to press.

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