Sheikh Sedia Bayo, a Gambian French Citizen, has just recorded a video, claiming to be in the heart of The Gambia, with his men of fighters. Bayo is dressed in full military uniform in the three minute long Youtube video. He claimed that he is in the region of Niamina, his late Dad’s home.  Mr. Bayo, has apparently given notice to Yahya Jammeh to resign or else risked being forcefully injected from power. Bayo said his mission is to bailout Gambians from Jammeh’s tyranny.

In a video titled: “WAATO SEETA” FROM GAMBIA,” Sheikh Sedia Bayo, informed Gambians that he and his men are on the ground to take on the dictatorship. He urged his countrymen to continue to be steadfast in their quest to restore democracy in the country.

“We are in the country. Our mission is to stop Yahya Jammeh from further killing our people, especially the Mandingka ethic group. Jammeh has killed Solo Sandeng, Solo Kurumah, and many other Gambians. It is about time to stop Yahya Jammeh from killing our people. I am urging Gambian women to reactivate the “Kalama” revolution that they have started with effect from today. We are here to defend you from Jammeh’s power excesses,” Bayo said.

“I have been invited by Yahya Jammeh to return to the country. I am in Niamina. I am urging Yahya Jammeh to resign before we will pack him to leave,” Bayo added.

In a What’sup text message to this medium, Mr. Bayo said: ” I have been in The Gambia for the past 24 hours.” We tried to reach Mr. Bayo by phone, but he was unreachable.  His phone kept ringing but no one attended to his France number. 

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