Lieutenant Buba Jammeh of the State House military intelligence died today, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh, was on sick leave at the time of his demise. He has been out of work for months now. He was reported to have been suffering from mental health issues.


Lieutenant Buba Jammeh, was the second in command at the State House military intelligence unit. He had an altercation with some Fulani herdsmen, who were accused of stealing dictator Jammeh’s cattle. 

It was reported that Buba Jammeh was assigned to oversee the processing of the detained herdsmen. The herdsmen were reported to have been tortured by Mr. Jammeh and his colleagues.

Weeks after his encounter with the detainees, Buba Jammeh started developing mental illnesses. He cried at night and occasionally becomes too violent.

A Freedom Radio Gambia listeners in a text message to this paper said: “Do you know anything about Lt. Buba Jammeh? He passed away today. He was my schoolmate. I know that he used to work at the State Guard some years ago.”

Earlier yesterday, this medium was informed about an encounter the NIA had with Lt. Buba Jammeh. It is not clear if Mr. Jammeh was arrested, but sources said Buba was seen under the company of some NIA operatives.

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