Facts have started emerging in regards to the fatal accident, which nearly claims the life of Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary Momodou O Njie. The doctor, who attended to Mr. Njie, has confessed in an audio tape recording that he has made up a medical report about the actual cause of the automobile accident, which involved PS Njie. An audio tape containing the doctor’s voice was forwarded to this medium by a source. The doctor was heard on the tape saying that Mr. Njie’s car wreck was due to alcohol related.

“Find attached is the audio recording of the actual doctor, who attended to MO Njie, when he had the accident. He made up a medical report hiding the truth that he was under the influence of alcohol. Keep the good work in exposing corruption,” the source said.

According to the tape, which was reviewed by this writer, the doctor said while Mr. MO Njie, was admitted at the Francis Small Teaching Hospital, the PS shitted himself. The doctor said there was no orderly on duty during that time of the hour to clean Njie’s mess.

“I had to personally clean his shit. There was no orderly at the time to help me. I had to fabricate the report. The PS was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. I am confiding this to you in confidence. I am not sure if you are recording me or not, but this is the true story,” the doctor told the person he was conversing with in his office.

The recording featured other voices. The nurses on duty could be heard on the background of the tape. 

PS MO Njie could not be reached for his side of the story.

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