Gambia’s autocratic and deranged dictator Yahya Jammeh has resorted to hypnotizing his countrymen and women, through spiritual means ahead of the country’s December,1st, 2016, Presidential elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. A Grand marabout, is being hosted at the State House to purposely aid and abet the Kanilai monster, in his latest quest to infect the nation’s bow holes (well waters) both private and public entities with concoction spiritual water. The goal is to hypnotize his opponents; perceived enemies—both real and fake to subdue to him now towards the elections. Jammeh also believes that by secretly mixing his spiritual water with the local water which Gambians use on a daily basis for shower, drinking and cooking, he would be able to make them to vote for him come December.  

The following army officers have been tasked with overseeing Jammeh’s secret hypnotization of Gambians through spiritual means. The officers mentioned herein are going around dropping Jammeh’s spiral water, known as “Jujus” at the main NAWEC Serrekunda, and Jambanjelly pumps.  Another private water company pump situated in Kanifing, not far from the Daily Observer offices, was also among the pumps infested with Jammeh’s spiritual water. The company sells water bottles to Gambians and non-Gambians.

  1. Amadou Bojang
  2. Landing Tamba
  3. Major Bulli Tamba

Captain Landing Tamba, of the State House, is the main man overseeing Jammeh’s errands. He replaces Solo Bojang. In fact, Landing is the one coordinating the activities of the Jammeh marabout currently hosted at the State House.

The marabout is hosted right next to one of the sentry men at the State House back gate. The back gate is situated next to the School of Nursing in Banjul. The moment you passes the Sentry man, on the left hand side; there is a big room, which used to be called the (glasshouse). The marabout is staying at the former glasshouse. One of our sources even met the marabout few days ago and had a chat with him. The marabout has been paid millions to help Jammeh win the elections. He is very instrumental in the ongoing Jammeh efforts to hypnotize Gambians spiritually.

Once you drink that spiritual water, you will begin to love and embrace dictator Jammeh. Some top army officers and close Jammeh aides, who used to hate everything about Jammeh, have since switched heart. They have been rendered as Jammeh apologists since consuming that spiritual water.

Gambians be forewarned! Jammeh is up to no good! He wants to have you on his side through spiritual means.

Mama Kandeh and his followers, should be extra careful. There are state agents pretending to be GDC supporters in your rallies, when they are not. They even carry Jammeh’s spiritual water bottles, which they in turn share with thirsty GDC supporters. GDC supporters should refuse to accept water from strangers.

At the Bakau, and Sukuta meetings, the Jammeh agents shared the spiritual water with some of the GDC supporters. Jammeh is desperately courting Mama’s supporters.

According to a top State House insider, Yahya Jammeh has started printing GDC t shirts in large numbers. State agents normally dressed in GDC t shirts to mingle with the crowd. Do not trust APRC defectors into the GDC or any opposition party. The same defectors are being used by Jammeh to circulate his evil spiritual water to the opposition. This information is coming from unimpeachable sources close to the Kanilai monster.

Mama Kandeh is being protected by seasoned former security agents. I am sure his security team is aware of Jammeh’s attempts to infiltrate and subsequently conquer the newest political party. Mama Kandeh be forewarned! 

In another development, dictator Yahya Jammeh, has rewarded Captain Amadou Bojang of the Operation Bulldozer, for snitching on his colleagues. Amadou, has been promoted from the rank of a Captain to Lieutenant Colonel. His promotion comes into effect this past Friday.

Amadou Bojang, has been tasked by Jammeh to oversee the investigations of the recent spate of arson attacks directed at the ruling APRC Bureau in Kanifing, and some gas stations associated with the Kanilai monster. Amadou, has gotten a good number of his colleagues arrested, following the arson attacks. Amadou and his men would sneak into army barracks to engage soldiers into conversation. During such conversations Amadou Bojang will secretly record the soldiers. This is how he gets his colleagues arrested. 

Mr. Bojang visited Yundum, Fajara, and his last port of call was the State Guard, where he secretly recorded soldiers. Jammeh has rewarded him in return by promoting him to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Amadou Bojang used to work at the Farafenni Army barracks. He was later moved to the training school, and subsequently to Yundum. He was again redeployed to the training school; then to the military police.

When Jammeh came up with the Operation Bulldozer agenda, Amadou Bojang, was deployed to the unit from the military police. He reports directly to Yahya Jammeh. There is no barrier between him and Yahya Jammeh; not even General Saul Badjie. Amadou’s unit falls under the security agencies being micromanaged by dictator Jammeh.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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