Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, once again there is tension at state house and also people close to dictator Jammeh are mysteriously dying. Of late lieutenant Buba Jammeh, who was General Saul Badjie’s right hand passed away after a short illness. Soldiers are dying under mysterious circumstances. Buba Jammeh was an Intel officer, who was very close to Saul Badjie and he was also dating a girl dictator Jammeh once eyed and wanted. This girl is in America and dictator Jammeh will kill you in an eye blink if he knows that you are talking to any of his numerous ghost mistresses. Buba was also loyal to Saul Badjie and dictator Jammeh is slowly and surely cleansing all the people close to Saul Badjie. Dictator Jammeh wants to pounce on Saul Badjie, but first needs to get rid of Saul’s key people.

According to our DCC agent, who was present at the burial Saul Badjie, was present and was very angry. The DCC agent who was on the ground at Mandinaba, reported that at the cemetery everybody was saying that Buba was poisoned by dictator Jammeh. Saul Badjie was seen crying and he and dictator Jammeh has been playing a game of cat and mouse. Dictator Jammeh has tried every trick in the book to arrest Saul Badjie, but every time he plans it the word will get to Saul Badjie.

The merging of the PIU into the state house, is one of dictator Jammeh’s plan to yield two things: Dictator Jammeh is very sly and cunning and Gambians should never under estimate him. He will first try to use the PIU to neutralize the Republican Guards, who are close to Saul Badjie. If that fails, he will turn around and use the Republican Guards to neutralize the PIU officers, just watch and see.

Dictator Jammeh is also not happy with the PIU, he had made a comment that during the arrest of UDP militants the PIU did not follow orders by refusing to shoot the UDP supporters. Dictator Jammeh has a dirty mind and is always trying to revenge. So these PIU officers should watch out and think that being at the state house is good for them. Just watch and see, either the PIU or Republican Guards will be used to get the other, this is dictator Jammeh at his best.

Fellow Gambians, according to the top DCC agent at state house, monster Jammeh has received a “flash report” that there is heavy presence of rebels in the country. The flash report was sent from NIA and this has caused dictator Jammeh to be more paranoid. When he was shown Mr. Bayo’s  Youtube video he almost collapsed. DCC is privy to a lot of sensitive information but we will keep quiet for now. Dictator Jammeh was supposed to travel to Kenya and he immediately canceled the trip when he watched Sidia Bayo’s video, the trip was canceled at the 11th hour. The ordinary Gambian will not know that there is high tension in the country.

As we speak, there is heavy presence of military everywhere. They can smell something but they don’t know where it is coming from. But DCC can confidently report to you that the food that dictator Jammeh is smelling is coming within the state house. Dictator Jammeh knows, even his top marabouts told him that it’s over. This is why he is still in Banjul and not on his annual leave at Kanilai. In the past by now dictator Jammeh is in Kanilai, for the whole month of August. He knows that he cannot stay for a month in Kanilai, those days are gone.

Fellow Gambians, massive defection and resignation has started within the APRC party and monster Jammeh is losing key APRC members. Long time ago DCC reported that the “burning platform effect” will start when these greedy and so call loyal monster Jammeh supporters realize that the ship is sinking and they have to jump off. Not only is the ship sinking but it is also burning and now they have no choice but to attempt to jump into the ocean. According to our DCC state house agent, dictator Jammeh is furious and paranoid that people are just tendering their resignations and he is telling them, NO WAY. Notable, both VP Isatou Njie Saidy and Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the majority leader tendered their resignation and monster Jammeh told both NO, that they have to wait until after the election before they can resign. Both the VP and the majority leader know that the end is here and want to jump off the ship. One thing DCC can tell you that both the VP and Fabary Tombong Jatta, have angered monster Jammeh and he will either touch them now or will do something to them down the road. Dictator Jammeh is so furious that he is calling the people who are resigning that they are “traitors”, he made them to who they are and now they are abandoning him. But dictator Jammeh will not allow anyone to step down, if they refuse to stay then they will be arrested.

Fellow Gambians, DCC can also report that devil Zeinab has been volunteered to act in the capacity of  minister of propaganda for the upcoming election. Devil Zeinab is charged with generating and distributing election propaganda. Gambians before the election you will see a lot of petty donations from devil Zeinab, and this is all in the name of making sure that dictator Jammeh stays in power. Nowadays, she is in the news everyday donating chicken change to Gambians. Is this not an insult Gambians? She is a pretender and only cares about her pocket. Of late, she is pretending to mingle with Gambians and even wearing traditional dresses. Do not be surprise if devil Zeinab does not become a public drummer or dancer. Before the elections more of devil Zeinab will be seen, she will be everywhere. Devil Zeinab you know that it’s over. You know that even your Friday trip to America was difficult to execute, there is no money. Devil Zeinab do you want to deny that even the Islamic bank has stopped all their projects in the Gambia, DCC is privy to a lot. You and your husband are totally relying on funds from Gamtel, GPA, NAWAC, etc. Do you want DCC to tell Gambians why the Islamic bank have stopped all their projects in the Gambian including the road construction around PASSAMAS. Can you and your husband tell Gambians why that project came to an abrupt halt, DCC knows. All you guys care is about yourself, you have robbed and killed so many Gambians. You take Gambians as fools but it’s over.

On a last note, Yankuba Colley DCC has been warning you for a long time, but just know that you are being closely monitored and they are just waiting for final orders to arrest you. Musa Suso DCC is also watching you, we know all your plans with dictator Jammeh, are you going to be promoted soon, time will tell?

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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