Dear Pa! I am writing you this letter in confidence. Please do not mention my name if you want to write an article as to what I am going to share with you. You are very correct with your analysis of Sarjo Jallow and his wife Jainaba Bah. Pa I want to share this with you.

SARJO JALLOW 1Pa, it is both Yaya Jammeh and his vice president Isatou Njie Saidy who are fighting Jainaba Bah. This appointment of Sarjo Jallow is a chess game Jammeh is playing to break Jainaba Bah and make the UDP cast doubt on her which may eventually lead to her being expelled from the Party. Let us hope the UDP do not fall for the ploy. I am telling you this because I have inside information. Since the day in July 2013 Jainaba Bah formed a group for the Stockholm Diaspora Dialogue and coming out in public that she is continuing her Moja-G struggle in the second republic, Both Yaya Jammeh and his vice President have vowed to crush down Jainaba Bah. 

Then Jainaba wrote a poem for Imam Baba Leigh, (ode to imam Baba Leigh). That resulted in Isatou Njie Saidy and Yaya Jammeh not only targeting her, but going to lengths to see to it that they harm her. 

Then when Jainaba wrote another poem, (The orphaned land), they had a special meeting at the president’s office. Pa human beings can be cruel. They came up with the idea that the best way to knock Jainaba Bah is to get close to Sarjo Jallow’s second wife’s (Mamie Ngum’s) family. Since Mamie Ngum’s elder sister Adama Ngum Njie is working in the civil service, Jammeh via the Vice President recruited Adama Ngum to the office of the First Lady, then to the office of the President and just last week as Secretary to Cabinet. On the list of awardees that Yaya Jammeh and his vice president recognized at nr 37 is Adama Ngum Njie.

Adama Ngum and her family would send food to the vice president during Ramadan and the vice president has sent her driver called Camara to deliver Ramadan sugar and other items to the Ngum family. 

Pa, all of these promotions is to hurt and offend Jainaba Bah.

Jainaba Bah 2Sarjo Jallow has already after Addis Ababa retired. He travelled to Sweden to his wife Jainaba Bah and his children. From there he was recalled and upon arriving in Banjul, this post of deputy Foreign Minister was given to him. Why, because Jainaba Bah was at the UN in Geneva to make a case for The Gambia, and a case for the UDP. The videos where she talked addressing Jammeh made headlines in Banjul and both the President, Vice president and First Lady had a meeting and strategized how best to hit hard at Jainaba Bah. Pa all of this is to pull Sarjo Jallow away from his family but most especially to try and break his marriage to Jainaba Bah, in a nutshell to hurt Jainaba Bah very bad.

Since it will be very difficult if not impossible for Jainaba to live with her husband in Banjul considering her staunch support for the UDP. So simply add the math! Bring Sarjo back to Banjul, appoint him! That way, Jainaba Bah can continue living alone in Sweden as her punishment. Mamie Ngum can be flying in and out of Banjul or even decide to join Sarjo back home from her New York Job. Imagine putting Sarjo Jallow in a cabinet where Mamie Ngum’s sister Adama Ngum is the secretary. He as Deputy foreign minister and she the secretary to the cabinet.

Pa Yaya Jammeh is using Adama Ngum to extract information from Sarjo Jallow regarding any political discussion he may have had or be having with his wife Jainaba Bah who has declared her loyalty and support for The UDP. So what you have seen is the work of the President and the Vice President with the blessings of the First Lady, together fighting a woman(Jainaba Bah) who is standing up to them and their government.   

Our president and vice president are very petty. I am not saying that Adama Ngum is not qualified to be where they put her but Pa lets be realistic,,, Just look at the trail of her carrier since Jainaba Bah declared herself as a dissenting voice. After July 2013, Adama Ngum’s  carrier started from Jan. 2014 with Yaya Jammeh. That is 5 months after the Stockholm Diaspora Dialogue Conference….the time they needed to figure out how to get to Jainaba. During that time they located Adama Ngum and brought her in. So sad, and so petty.

Thank you Pa for the great job you are doing. Keep it up!


Concerned Gambian


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