There is growing movement of troops around the Greater Banjul area, amid reports that rebels have entered in the country, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Almost all security agencies in the country are on heightened alert at this time. Soldiers have been placed on twenty four hours standby, sources said.

It is not clear where the threat is emanating from, but sources said the Kanilai born dictator has ordered for an army standby. This follows a Youtube video circulating on social media, in which Mr. Sedia Bayo, a Gambian French citizen, announces his home return to liberate the country from the clutches of Jammeh’s misrule. Mr. Bayo has urged Jammeh to resign or else he said Jammeh risked being arrested, or killed.

Mr. Bayo informed his followers on social media that he is in the region of Niamina, with his team of fighters, who are currently strategizing to overthrow the dictator’s twenty two years regime.

According to sources close to the State House, the dictator, has since been changing his sleeping locations. He constantly changes rooms at the State House, our source said. Sources hinted that Mr. Jammeh is increasingly worried about Bayo’s threats.

“There is total panic and confusion here. Jammeh is faced with both domestic and outside threat. Things doesn’t look good for him. Any attack launched could destabilize this country. There are forces within the army, who are equally disgruntled,” said our source.

Another source said Jammeh’s own close security aides are waiting for the right moment to react. Jammeh, our source continued, is running out of loyalists on a daily basis.

“The endgame will shock many including Jammeh. There are so many activities at work at this time. Jammeh cannot survive this one,” a security official warns.

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