The Gambian government has sent a word to Regional Chiefs, Alkalolos and Regional Governors to turn in strangers, who are seeking to rent rooms from their respective neighborhoods amid reports of rebels presence in the country. The Alkalo of Bakau, has since contacted landlords in his locality informing them about the government’s repeated plea for communities to help turn in suspected rebels.

According to sources, some personnel of the National Intelligence Agency, (NIA), were dispatched by the Kanilai monster to send a word to the local leaders about the presence of rebels in the country.

As reported by this medium, Sedia Bayo’s declaration to take on Jammeh militarily has sent shocking waves in Jammeh’s government. The dictator has since fortified his security detail. Armed soldiers have been patrolling along the border and some strategic security locations across the country.

The NIA is reporting that there is growing mistrust between Jammeh and his guards at the State House. Personnel of the Police Intervention Unit are now guarding Jammeh—with the help of few State Guard loyalists.

Besides the security challenges facing the Kanilai monster, sources said Jammeh is also faced with acute budgetary shortages. The Kanilai dictator has been isolated by his colleagues and donor agencies. He has been ranked as Africa’s corrupt and brutal dictator.

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