Now that the truth have started to resurface about the real reasons behind the massive arrests of top dedicated government officials who were dismissed, arrested and charged with Neglect of official duties and Abuse of office; it is a welcomed development that Yaya Jammeh has finally allowed sanity to prevail by dropping all those frivolous charges against them and start their reinstatement back into the public service.

jagneYou see what many people did not know is that the arrests of these hard working officials came days after the appointment of Dodou Bammy Jagne as SG and Head of the civil service. For some of us who are privileged to know how some of our elite brothers have been manipulating the gullibility of Yaya Jammeh to get appointment to higher offices by spinning lies upon lies, it was no surprise to us when we got information that Bammy Jagne has been frequenting the office of the SG, Mr. Sulayman Samba immediately following his recall as ambassador from Qatar. 

Bammy would be seen going in and out of the SG’s office on a daily basis and one of the officers working close to the SG told me “he is lobbying for an appointment to see the HE.” As soon as his appointment to see the President was arranged, the Pandora box for the ‘vehicles auction’ was opened without regard to the fact that the auction have never taken place and some of the officials have started withdrawing their vehicles. Was it a coincidence that out of thousands of competent and eligible Gambians to serve as SG, Dodou Bammy Jagne is the best candidate?

This is not the first time that Banny Jagne has been suspected of spreading lies. While serving as the Gambian Ambassador in Dakar, he used one of his contacts in the Senegalese Gendarme to obtain a copy of the signed MOU between the Senegalese Intelligence unit and the US government. Many now believed that it was because of that he was elevated and sent to Qatar. How that agreement came in the hands of Yaya Jammeh still baffles the Senegalese.

A man who started his public career as a messenger at the quadrangle and still lacks solid academic qualifications to fittingly commensurate or match his unbeaten record of remarkable career progression, spinning lies to get promotion will not only be an option but a fact of life. 

As I am sending you this report, Bammy Jagne is presently hospitalized at a clinic in Kololi suffering from acute stress and rising blood pressure. Gambians are still refusing to learn good lessons from the past that if one lies his way to the top, it will take another lies to remove him there. Truth shall always prevail. Most of those top civil servants have suffered a lot to see years of their dedicated services to the nation being washed away through lies. If Bala Jahumpa, the man that Bammy replaces at the Works ministry, is named ‘Action Man’ ,Dodou Bammy Jagne is now a “lie Man.”

Written By An Insider 

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