Gambia: Gambia’s UDP Says It Has Nominated A “Fulani Real Estate Businessman” As A Presidential Candidate!


In a short press release with little biographical information about their Presidential hopeful, the main opposition United Democratic Party says it has nominated Adama Barrow, 51, as the party’s Presidential candidate to oppose incumbent dictator Yahya Jammeh in Gambia’s upcoming 2016 elections, slated for December 1st. Mr. Barrow, hails from Mankamang-Kunda in the far east of the Upper River Region, the UDP press release stated. Mankamang-Kunda is situated in the Jimara constituency. Both the GDC leader Mama Kandeh and Adama Barrow hailed from the same region.

According to the UDP press release: “A businessman with real estates throughout the country, Mr Barrow is from the Fula tribe, the second biggest ethnic group in Gambia.”

Sources said Mr. Adama Barrow once attended Crab Island Secondary School. His classmates said Barrow was a friendly dude and sociable.

Mr. Barrow’s nomination as the UDP flag bearer, has debunked beliefs held in some quarters that the UDP is a Mandinka dominated party. This is the first time in UDP’s political history to nominate a “Fulani Presidential candidate.” 

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