Gambia: Jammeh Rescinds Sarjo Jallow’s Appointment As Deputy Minister!


Barely few weeks after he was appointed Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sarjo Momodou Jallow’s appointment has been rescinded with immediate effect, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jallow’s appointment was revoked by The Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh on Thursday. No reason was given for the move.

SARJO JALLOW 1Sarjo Jallow, a former member of the blacklisted group MOJA, served as Gambia’s Ambassador in Ethiopia. He also served as Minister of Youths and Sports, and Information respectively. Jallow was later recycled into the Foreign Service.

The Freedom Newspaper reported this past week that Sarjo Jallow’s wife Jainaba Bah, is an official of the main opposition UDP party. Hence, some analysts opined that by virtue of Sarjo’s portfolio as former Deputy Minister at the Foreign Ministry, he was likely to compromise Jainaba’s relationship with the UDP.

Sarjo Jallow’s in-law Adama Ngum is a Permanent Secretary at the office of the First Lady. A concerned wrote to the Freedom Newspaper few days ago, alleged that Yahya Jammeh is using Ms. Ngum to infiltrate Jainaba Bah.

“Pa Yaya Jammeh is using Adama Ngum to extract information from Sarjo Jallow regarding any political discussion he may have had or be having with his wife Jainaba Bah who has declared her loyalty and support for The UDP. So what you have seen is the work of the President and the Vice President with the blessings of the First Lady, together fighting a woman(Jainaba Bah) who is standing up to them and their government,” the writer claimed.    

“Our president and vice president are very petty. I am not saying that Adama Ngum is not qualified to be where they put her but Pa lets be realistic,,, Just look at the trail of her carrier since Jainaba Bah declared herself as a dissenting voice. After July 2013, Adama Ngum’s  carrier started from Jan. 2014 with Yaya Jammeh. That is 5 months after the Stockholm Diaspora Dialogue Conference….the time they needed to figure out how to get to Jainaba. During that time they located Adama Ngum and brought her in. So sad, and so petty,” the writer added.

For now Sarjo Jallow, is out of the government. He has been fired by the Kanilai monster.

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