Former US Army Purple Heart Decorated Infantry soldier Abdul Savage, is our guest on Freedom Radio Gambia on Friday. Army veteran Savage is going to discuss about his recent trip to The Gambia; the situation of the economy; the election fever in Banjul; just to name a few.

Mr. Savage, widely known as the “BINGO MAN” is also a journalist and prolific writer. He is a strong critic of The Gambian struggle.

Prior to his resettlement to the US, Savage worked as a reporter at the Daily Observer, during Kenneth Y Best’s stint as the owner of the paper. He suffered persecution in the hands of then junta headed by Yahya Jammeh. Hence, he had to flee the country to resettle in the United States. He later enlisted into the army after becoming a US Citizen.

Freedom Radio listeners do not miss our interview with Mr. Savage. Stay tuned.  

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