Hello Pa, I want to bring to your attention about happenings within the GDC party. The entire GDC Executive were summoned on Wednesday to report to the police headquarters. The Inspector General of Police Yankuba Sonko, telephoned Adama Manjang, the Campaign Manager of the GDC Party to report to the police headquarters. Mr. Manjang was also instructed by Sonko to inform his colleague Executive members to show up at the police headquarters.

The GDC retained Lawyer Antouman Gaye was informed about the IGP’s request for the entire GDC Executive to report to his office.  Antouman Gaye’s response was: It is impossible for the entire GDC Executive to report to the police headquarters because in his own words “The Gambia is not under a State of Emergency.”  Hence Lawyer Gaye told the GDC officials that if the police is indeed in need of them, he expects the police to write a formal letter to the party requesting for an audience.

Based on what I have gathered, Yahya Jammeh is not happy with the GDC supporters. The GDC convened a meeting in New Yundum on Sunday, 28th of August, 2016. While GDC supporters were patiently waiting on the main highway to welcome their party leader Mama Kandeh, Jammeh’s convoy suddenly drove pass the GDC supporters in Yundum, heading towards Brikama.

The GDC supporters turned their back on the other side of the road—apparently trying to avoid having an eye contact with Yahya Jammeh and his convoy. The conduct of the GDC supporters angered Yahya Jammeh.

The other reason given for the mass summoning of the GDC officials to the police headquarters was the party’s usage of heavy sound system during their meetings. The GDC party is said to be carrying heavy sound system when travelling to their meetings. The exiled rapper’s music Killa Ace’s Kuboka Cee Geta hit song is often played during Mama’s rallies. Rapper Gee’s music is also played by the Mama camp.

Mama’s statement that “I don’t want to be a president, who will sell tomato, sand, sheep, cow, pampers(dippers),bread, fishing etc” also angered Jammeh.

As I file this report, the GDC Executive is yet to report to the police headquarters. The police is yet to arrest any of the GDC officials.

From A Banjul Informant 

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