Yahya Jammeh has given orders for the arrest of one of his sacked Ministers. The NIA is unable to execute the arrest of the said former Minister because they don’t know where the Minister resides. The NIA is becoming a joke. The agency is going around asking people where the sacked Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Sarjo Jallow lives. The NIA doesn’t have the addresses of Cabinet Ministers in their intelligence database.

If Sarjo Jallow is reading us at this time, the NIA is frantically searching for you. Mr. Jallow was supposed to be arrested on Thursday night, but due to lack of information about his exact address, the NIA couldn’t execute Jammeh’s orders.

Mr. Sarjo Jallow is a Swedish Citizen. He holds dual citizenship. He is the husband of Jainaba Bah, an official of the opposition UDP.

NIA sources have hinted that Sarjo’s  arrest is imminent. Sarjo should run if he can. The NIA is looking for you. It is not clear why he is needed by the State, but Jallow should take this story very seriously. He is under the radar of the State.

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