If you are the brave man you claim to be why not go and attack Macky Sall. Instead you prefer to be a “tappet” and unleash your anger on the innocent Gambians you are suppose to protect. You will never ever unleash your anger on Macky Sall or Allassane Ouattara of Cote d’Ivoire. You always look for the easy and armless innocent prey at home and unleash your animalistic anger them and on political parties that have done wrong to you. You behave like a hunter who has to hunt and kill. Your hunter spirit has been with us since you came to power. You are pushing people against the wall and mind you it will back fire on you and your family very soon. What have the innocent armless Gambians done to you? They have not waged an armed war against you, they have not even thrown stones at you so why are you so mad at us to bully us like this? Why are you always hunting and pouncing on people like animals?

For 22 years we have been law-abiding citizens but you are still not satisfied and continue arresting and beating us at will for no just reasons. You have been firing us from our jobs and confiscating our hard earned benefits and rights. We have been patient with you for the longest time despite all the pains we face in your regime. You are definitely looking for trouble and if you don’t stop harassing people you will live to see and regret what a people’s anger is all about. It wouldn’t take two hours for the people anger to burn down the whole of the greater Banjul area. No army or firemen can contain the people anger so be careful. You have the greatest and the biggest assets in the greater Banjul area and people know about it and pass go. You will suffer the biggest casualty when ever the people anger take the streets not to fight your soldiers or the police but burn to ashes every institution, all your business and might even attack your vulnerable family members that are accessible. So be careful.

Do you want Gambians to go to this level of destruction? Why are so mad at Gambians and no one knows why? Why do you constantly hunt people? We have given you our everything for 22 years but you are never satisfied with our peaceful nature and always look for someone to arrest, torture, put to jail, fire from work and cap it all with constant insults and threats. Why?

If you are war tasty why not declare war on Macky Sall a president like you and show him your mighty power. Instead you shamefully want show your brute power to innocent people on the ground. Only “Tappets” bully innocent people. You don’t earn any respect by bullying powerless people. You don’t respect our constitution. You have no respect for any Gambian and you are scared of your fellow presidents.

Whether you know it or, whether you like it or not, whether you have been told or not, Gambians have enough of being treated like animals to be taken to the abattoir.

So be careful of people’s anger. You don’t know where it starts and where it ends and you might be unlucky to witness it. People’s anger is uncontrollable and history has witnessed it many times. Kings have been beheaded by the angry mob and many nations have witnessed it before. So please leave people alone to go about their normal business.

Be warned Yaya.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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