Dear Mr. Nderry,  my name is Isatou Bah, and I am Jainaba Bah’s sister. I’am writing to you cause, I was reading your article about Mr Sarjo Jallow yesterday, and I  think you should know the truth. I know for a fact that my brother in-law has been arrested by the Yaya Jammeh government.

And, whoever is feeding you guys with this story that the NIA could not find where Mr. Jallow is residing is a BIG FAT LIE. Everybody in that government knows where Mr. Jallow resides, especially the Vice president Isatou Njie Saidy.

Like you mentioned in your article, Mr. Jallow was enjoying some time with his family in Sweden, when Yaya Jammeh then decided that they needed his help as an adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They begged for weeks for him to come back

Yaya even paid for his ticket back, just to find that his house was broken into and they were not interested in anything in the house except for his documents, everything else was left behind. While he is in the mist of getting his life back together, they broke into the house for the second time, just that this time they knew he is back and they took his laptop and his personal documents. What thief goes in a house and just steal documents and leave everything else behind, that’s when we knew it was a setup; all this happen on Thursday, and he was arrested on Friday.

Who in their right mind will beg someone to come back for a job that you are offering them, knowing that he has retired from a previous job that he loyally worked for the country for the past 10 years, just to have him back and arrest him.

Sarjo was in touch with his family Friday morning around 9 am their time, it was after that we could not get in touch with him again. My reason for writing to you is this, hi arrest you and claimed that they cannot find him;  meaning, he was hiding or has ran away, and they will put that story out there, the next thing you know he has disappeared in the thin air; nobody including his family will know his whereabouts.  All I know is this, Mr Sarjo Jallow was a very hardworking citizen, whom we are very proud of, He worked very hard and did it the best way he could. He  is respected by his colleagues, his friends and family, that is one thing we cannot say about this president.

If you need to talk to me or ask me any questions, feel free to email me or send me your # I will call you.


Isatou Bah

Editors note: Thanks Isatou Bah, for shedding light on the story. Thanks for updating us in regards to Sarjo’s case. At the time of writing our story, the NIA was looking for  Mr. Jallow. Insiders at the Agency informed this medium that the officers dispatched to effect his arrest couldn’t locate Sarjo’s home. This was on Friday. If it turns out that he got arrested the same day, then our story still passes the test of time. We published the story in an attempt to alert Sarjo to leave the country.  It is unfortunate that he is under the nets of the NIA. 

Once again, thanks for coming forward with information about the arrest of Sarjo Jallow. The best way to expose this regime is through information dissemination. Information is power. Thanks for speaking out. 

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