The detained lead assassin for Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh, Sulayman Sambou, has been moved from the Brikama police station and transferred to the Fajara barracks, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Sambou, who has been held on drug trafficking related allegations is now under the custody of the military police at Fajara. No formal charges have so far been filed against Mr. Sambou yet.

Mr. Sambou was stopped at Brikama, while travelling from Casamance by the personnel of the National Drug Enforcement Agency, (NDEA). A search was conducted on Sambou’s car and an unspecified kilograms of cannabis sativa was found in the vehicle he was travelling with.

Sulayman Sambou used to be dictator Yahya Jammeh’s lead assassin among the jungullars. He has executed so many killing missions on behalf of the dictator. The circumstances surrounding their recent disgruntlement against the status quo is unclear. What’s evident though Yahya Jammeh’s own constituted assassin team have started rebelling against him. 

His arrest followed the burning of the Ruling APRC bureau by certain members of Yahya Jammeh’s constituted assassin team called the jungullars. Some of soldiers associated with the arson attack have since fled the country. Sulayman Sambou used to run the assassin team at some point before his arrest, He was complicit in the torture and murder of Ebrima Solo Sandeng. He was also accused of overseeing the torturing and the sexual molestation of the jailed female supporters. 

According to sources close to the State House, dictator Jammeh is no longer in full control of the jungullars. The jungullars are now loyal to one of Jammeh’s right hand henchmen, sources said.

Meanwhile, due to growing mistrust between Jammeh and General Saul Badjie, the dictator has resorted to entrusting the personnel of the police intervention unit (PIU) to be in charge of his personal security. The PIU constitutes the greater chunk of Jammeh’s security, detail sources said. A showdown between General Badjie and Jammeh is likely to happen at any time, sources familiar the story said.

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