LET’s face it: The Gambian struggle has done and continue to do untold damage to both the psyche and relationships of Gambians overseas. YES, I know, you first instinct response is the automatic reflex defense mechanism that: “What is this guy talking about?”. BUT trust me, I know, and you might not readily admit it, but I urge you to truly, sincerely and honestly examine yourself, and your relationships with Gambians overseas, particularly if you were or are actively involved in this social media, internet interface of ideas, debates and sometimes, occasionally, silly, stupid and whacky conversations on Facebook, blogs, online radios or social media. I MUST NOTE here that, of late, particularly within the last three or four years, the INTERNET, online radios, blogs, Facebook, and social media, have seemingly become the PLACE where Gambians overseas display their “Arrogance”, Bravery”, and “Macho” muscles…lol.

Admit it or not, these, what I will call, “strained and detrimental” relationships” between and among Gambians overseas came about as a result of the “bickering”, “gossiping”, and often times, “unhealthy competition” among Gambians overseas. I submit this is “UNHEALTHY” for both Gambians at home and overseas, and so I hereby Appeal and URGE all of us to redirect conversations from one of “hate”, “jealousy” and “envy” to one of “Tolerance”, Civility and Respect.   

AS MANY of you know me, I talk the Talk, and walk the Walk, and so I will take the lead, and say that  I intend and plan, in the coming days and weeks, to reach out to individuals and entities, who and which, over the years, I have been Extremely vocal against. I MUST WARN all of us here that such move by me in the upcoming days and weeks should not be construed as “weakness”, but “strength”, and so, I urge some of these people, who may have personal grudge or biases against me, to set aside their biases and grudges, on the event that I reach out to them.

I may come in PEACE, but rest assured I will match or beat any Rudeness or Impropriety directed towards me. I have a DUTY and Responsibility to myself and to those who care for and love me, to protect myself from any and all malicious attacks. SO, please, extend me an Olive branch as well, as I come in Peace. 

We, Gambians overseas, are better than these bickering, gossiping, hating, envying and jealousy we are exhibiting, displaying and directing within ourselves and among ourselves. We were all not brought up like that. We are BETTER than that. 

Let’s continue the discussions, civilly and respectfully, of course.

God Bless the Gambian people.

Written By Abdul Savage

Retired, US Army

Honorary Judge, State of Texas

Member, Military Order Of the Purple Heart

Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars

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