We are three months away from elections in our country. You are hereby warned not steal the upcoming election results for Yaya Jammeh as you use to do in the past. We all know Yaya Jammeh won only one election and that was in 1996. The reasons for him winning those elections freely and fairly is that Gambians in their majority were wary of the PPP regime and believed that Yaya Jammeh and Co; were soldiers with a difference. We believed in the revolution they promise Gambians and the few development projects that were executed to the delight of the general population paid its dividends. The first Gambia Television was born and Gambians were proud and grateful to see them selves live on the screen. That was 20 years ago.

From 2001 onwards elections were rigged in favor of Jammeh. You know it and we knew it too. A lot of foreigners from the Casamance were allowed to partake in our elections thereby tipping the balance in favor of Jammeh. We knew Jammeh did not win the 2001 election freely and fairly. By 2001 Gambians discovered the true nature and the real face of Yaya Jammeh whiles his dictatorial tendencies started to surface. We Gambians are not stupid or dumb; we let go because we believe in peace and did not want to put our country into brims and fire for many reasons.

Come 2006, all those Gambians that believed in two-term rule, democracy and rule of law have already left the APRC but did not oppose Jammeh or helped the opposition parties for many reasons including lack of unity amongst the opposition parties. By this time the April 2004 student massacre were fresh in the minds of people and many became disgusted with Jammeh’s brutalities and lack of respect for human rights and rule of law. The elections witnessed a huge number of foreign voters not only from Casamance but also all the way from Mauritania. This coupled with the voter apathy enabled you to steal the elections for Yaya Jammeh.

Now in 2011 the same scenario happened as in 2006 plus the many votes bought by the APRC and Yaya Jammeh in opposition strong holds to allow you to again steal the elections for Jammeh. The 72% declared results came mostly as result of vote buying and multiple voting in military camps. We were there and we have seen it happen. By this time it was even obvious to ECOWAS that the elections will neither be free nor fair hence they refuse to come and endorse a flout process.

Having made the above expose let me now warn you that you will not be given a free ride this time around to steal the elections come December 2016. Mr. Carrayoll now living in the US has privately apologized to Gambians for his treacherous partake in entrenching a brutal dictator vomited by the world. You and your team know extremely well that Gambians are this time around determined to vote Jammeh out of office come December 1st. We also know that all that matters to you is the bribe monies Jammeh gives to you to steal the elections for him.

Chairman, for the longest time you wanted to have a hotel in the TBA area but you failed to have one. You managed the scout movement in the Gambia and the little funding you received from the World scouting body is not enough to sustain you and your family. You have wrongly been arrested and jailed by Yaya Jammeh himself. Now you are put in between a hammer and hard rock and here you sit on the guillotine bench awaiting your faith. It is now up to you to be with the truth and survive peacefully or side with lies and suffer the consequences.

Your deputy also comes from a very honorable family in Banjul. He has hotels and he is a rich man. It is also up to him to sacrifices all of that for a brutal dictator’s promise bent on making you steal the elections for him in 2016 for monetary gains. Now let me warn you very seriously, Gambians have enough of Jammeh and will not accept you to steal their GOD given rights. Gambians will vote massively this time around to peacefully remove Jammeh from office for the interest of all of us. You know it and we know it, we are all on the ground and all of us can attest to this fact. We have already informed the Senegalese government to warn their citizens specially those of the Southern part not to come and vote in our presidential elections. They acknowledge the fact that never in their history have Gambians voted in their elections and that it will be very unfair for them to come and vote in the Gambia.

Finally, we all know that over a hundred thousand voters cards have been burn at the APRC bureau. We are watching what you are planning to do. Most of these cards are the bought ones in opposition strongholds and the foreigners voters’ cards. We know after last elections many cards were confiscated by the Senegalese securities when foreign voters were going back home after voting. When word went around that Senegalese authorities were confiscating cards once the indelible ink is seen on your finger, the remaining foreigners had to surrender their cards to the APRC executives who then kept them in the APRC bureau. Thank GOD all these fraudulent cards were burnt to ashes. We are now closely watching your next moves.

Gambians have decided to put their lives on line to see to it that you do your job right failing which don’t blame anyone when paying for the consequences arise.

You are hereby being seriously warned. Gambians are ready to end dictatorship for good in our dear motherland peacefully and democratically. Please take note that Gambians will not this time tolerate your dishonesty in this coming election. We are all mad at you, the APRC and Yaya Jammeh. So be careful.

If you know you will be scared to declare an opposition victory please resign now.

Thank you.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang  

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