Three senior Gambian army officers have been arrested last night in connection with the firebombing of the APRC political bureau in Kanifing, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The arrested officers were identified as: Lieutenant Abdoulie Baldeh, Lieutenant Lamin Kambi, and Captain Landing Sanyang. The men are currently in the hands of State Security agents. They are detained at the NIA headquarters in Banjul.

jammeh newAccording to credible and dependable sources, some of the aforementioned arrested officers worked at the State House. Their arrest had to do with the recent spate of arson attacks directed at Jammeh establishments and businesses.

The Freedom Newspaper received information late Saturday, evening about the arrest of one Abdoulie Baldeh. Our sources on the ground were contacted and they confirmed that Mr. Baldeh is a Lieutenant in the Gambian army, who works at the State House. The same sources reported to us that Baldeh was arrested together with two army officers: Lieutenant Lamin Kambi, and Captain Landing Sanyang respectively.

Kambi is Bai Lowe’s batch mate. Bai Lowe, is  on exile in Germany. He was implicated in the December failed mutiny. Kambi  is part of intake 21. He used to be baby Muhammed Jammeh’s guard. He used to escort Muhammed to school. Once commissioned as an officer, he was withdrawn from Muhammed’s security detail and transferred to the State House physical guard.

As reported in our previous publications, there is a total chaos and confusion at the State House. Something is cooking! Jammeh has lost control of the jungullars. He has lost control of the army command. The police intervention unit (PIU) are his new friends.

Meanwhile, State Guard soldier Jarrie Badjie is being falsely detained. She has no ties with the arsonists. Her car was never used during the operation.

According to sources familiar with the story, jungullar Sheriff Sanyang, who is at large at this hour, rented a car from one of the car rental companies in The Gambia. Mr. Sanyang never used Jarrie’s private car during the operation. A poor soldier girl is being falsely held. Jarrie Badjie should be released. She is completely innocent.

In another development, it has been brought to our attention that Jammeh’s lead assassin Sulayman Sambou, was arrested by armed PIU officers, police and NDEA officers in Brikama. His arrest was said to be a set up calculated to disengage the disgruntled soldiers determined to take on the Kanilai monster. Sambou has since been transferred to the Fajara Barraks military police for further processing. 

General Saul Badjie has disappointed his men. One jungullar commented: “ Why has Gen. Badjie not intervened? If Saul had called the Brikama police, Sulayman Sambou, would have been released forthwith. Saul is mute at this time. His silence amounts to betrayal.”

Yahya Jammeh is now using the police to get rid of his onetime trusted aides. General Badjie is far from being safe. Word in the State House say there is a plot being hatched by Jammeh to arrest Badjie. Jammeh has offered the job of Republican Guard Commander to someone name withheld for now. 

To wrap up this report, there is one army intelligence officer called Lieutenant Landing Sanneh. Landing Sanneh works hand in hand with the jungullars. He coordinates the activities of the jungullars. Sanneh has witnessed so many mock execution of political opponents and soldiers.

Yahya Jammeh speaks to Sanneh via a private number (withheld number) after missions have been accomplished to thank him. Jammeh occasionally gives Sanneh’s team money after killing Gambians for him. Sanneh doesn’t have Jammeh’s direct phone number. He is answerable to General Saul Badjie.

Major Sanna Manjang, who is stationed in Kaniali, is contemplating running. Sanna is not only aging, he has also been relegated by the Kanilai monster. He is not sure if any country will accept him if he runs.

The mantra at the jungullars is: Eat well; drink well; fuck well; and fight well. The jungullars’ ghost is now hunting Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh might end up being caged!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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