Gambia’s Civil Servants will not receive the 1 x 6 loan for the Muslim Tobaski feast this year, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The Jammeh government lacks budget to cater for the needs of the workers. Many workers are worried at this hour.

TobaskiFor the past five years, the Jammeh government has not been able to give Tobaski loan to workers. This is largely due to lack of sufficient budget to run the government. Workers often worked for months without being paid.

As usual, dictator Yahya Jammeh is determined to sell his rams to the workers on loan. Jammeh is into animal rearing. Over the years Jammeh has been selling ram to Civil Servants on loan.

“Yahya Jammeh is running the government as his business enterprise. Jammeh has bankrupted virtually all government Departments. There wouldn’t be any 1 x 6 Tobaski loan for government workers. This is a regime, which is struggling to pay workers’ salaries. The regime is highly indebted to the local banks. Many workers will go home without having a Tobaski ram,” said our source.

Soldiers, policemen, and NIA officers are usually the beneficiaries of Jammeh ram loans. Although, Jammeh normally give special preference to the State Guards, our source said.

“Jammeh doesn’t value civilian workers. He will rather make them suffer than to cater for their needs. Jammeh discriminates at civilian workers. He hardly loans his rams to civilian workers. He is appeasing the soldiers in order to win their confidence. Jammeh will send his surrogates to Senegal, to buy him ram at a cheap price and he will in turn resell it to the soldiers at an exorbitant price. For Jammeh, the state’s developmental needs is secondary. He only cares about his personal development at the detriment of the nation and her people,” our source added.

A senior civilian official at the office of the President said: “The Tobaski is next Monday, and there is no 1 x 6 loan for workers. Jammeh is busy buying ram from neighboring countries, which he resells to the soldiers and few civilian workers. Jammeh’s rams is not sufficient enough to cater for the entire army. He has resorted to buying rams from neighboring countries.”

“I have been working for The Gambian government since President Jawara was in power. 1 x 6 has always been given to workers under Jawara’s government. But in the case of Jammeh’s government 1 x 6 is a thing of the past. I am a grade 12 worker. Given the high cost of living, my salary cannot afford me to buy a ram for my family,” the official said.

Meanwhile, some workers said they have not been paid their August salary. The same workers said they are not sure if they will receive their September salaries.

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