Hello: I’m a former American journalist who been hacked by an email account traced to an IP address in Gambia. I hired a private security firm that traced the hack back to Gambia and the email. 

The person who owns the account, I found out, is connected to the Jammeh regime and works in information technology and who also was connected to the regime’s attempted hacking of Gambia journalists in 2014. 

The email is ajhonson@gmail.com. This person also hacked my former girlfriend’s gmail and my bank account was hacked in July, with some $600 stolen. 

Is there anything that can be done about this? Can I publicize this?

This hack has essentially ruined my life.

Also love reading your work.

Written By Juan Thompson

Editors note: Thanks Juan, for sharing your story with our readership. Sorry to hear that your email account was hacked by an individual you believed might be connected to the Jammeh dictatorship in The Gambia. We advise that you contact the FBI anti-cyber hacking Division for help. Perhaps, the FBI, should be able to help you bring the alleged hacker to justice; based on the information you provided to us. In the meantime, anyone with information about the said suspected hacker, please come forward. Thanks for your attention. 

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