The APRC came to power through a civil coup d’état in 1996. The letter (F) was removed from the AFPRC only to read APRC. The “F” word meaning Force shows that and it was through force and not democratic elections that brought Jammeh and comrades to power in 1994.

Former PPP executives under the leadership of Honorable Assan Musa Camara created the UDP. Because they did not want to further subject the members of the former regime to further prosecutions they decided to co-opt Lawyer Ousseynou Darboe to lead the party to elections in 1996. Let us remember that Lawyer Darboe was not a politician, he was a staunch defender of human rights in the courts and represented clients under non-partisan basis. I personally have more respect for Lawyer Darboe than any other Gambian on earth period. Each and every person I spoke to about Darboe had only one thing to say, Darboe is a gentleman, a good man and honest to the core.

Over time, the UDP was hijacked by the second generation “Terri-Kaffo” and a lot of former NCP younger members. Others migrated to the APRC for different reasons. Yet others simply distanced themselves from active politics. These third set of people constitute mainly the existing voter apathy that we experience in each election cycle.

Now the APRC, has been loosing loyalists but gaining forced and rigged voter numbers, the reason being if you don’t vote Jammeh development projects will not come to your region or town or village. This is the reason why each development project had Jammeh’s name tag on it to prove to the electorate that “No Jammeh, No development”. The personalization of projects was thus established and it worked for 20 years.

In 1996, Jammeh and the APRC in order to further divide and weaken the Fula votes, they created Amath Bah and the NRP exclusively for this purpose only. The likes of Assan Musa Camara, Alh. MC Cham, Omar Sey, Ousseynou Njie and other powerful politicians from the URR were a force to be reckoned with in 1996. There are several living witnesses to attest to this fact including those that used to hand over the funds to Hamat Bah for his campaign expenses. Remember, Jammeh received Hamat Bah live on TV at State House on their first and only genuine victory presidential election. That was in 1996. After this elections, APRC did not need Hamat anymore as they have total control of all ethnic groups in the country. The PPP regime became a thing of the past buried in history for good. The UDP became the political party to combat by all means necessary hence the constant persecution of its members whenever the opportunity arises up until April 2016.

From 2001 to 2011, APRC has been increasing its numbers not because of natural party militants and Jammeh loyalists, but because of money, projects, vote buying and foreign voters. APRC is obviously a house of cards party ready for the wind of change to blow it off. Today, Jammeh is broke, projects are not forthcoming, false vision this and vision that abound in the air, land grabbing and elbowing out from the business sector of erstwhile entrepreneurs, ransacking of the State resources and the Revenue making institutions and the locally imposed donations for APRC from the private sector etc. etc. All of these realities have come to its climax and have become non sustainable the past five years. All of these frustrations including the human rights abuses will translate into a SANCTION vote against Jammeh in December 1st 2016.

As for the UDP, despite the fact that Honorable Lawyer Darboe, agreed to the executive electoral roadmap proposals, it does not and should not morally bind them to go to election without the release of Darboe and Co from prisons. Lawyer Darboe will NEVER tell them NO, but all of us are human beings and we all know what love is all about. Lawyer Darboe will never go against them, it is for them to reciprocate Darboe’s love. Lawyer Darboe’s love for his party militants took him where he is today and we all know it. When Darboe said I would never take people to the street whiles my own children are in their comfort zones, NEVER, that’s the time I fell in love with Lawyer Darboe. He did in April not for his own children but for his party militants. Now are the UDP members extending the same love to Darboe? NO. If they truly love Darboe they should have said to the world we would NEVER go to election with the man who jailed our Father and Leader. Instead they will ask all UDP supporters not to vote or else vote for the opposition of their CHOICE. They will therefor earn the respect of all Gambians.

UDP will thereafter regroup that DAY Darboe comes out of jail a FREE man. If they stood behind this HONORABLE principle, I swear to Allah UDP will some day come to power? Failing which hypocrisy will follow them to the grave. Darboe is a man of GOD just like Mandela; their love and compassion for humanity is beyond ordinary people.

My advice to the UDP executive is to catch up with reciprocal morals to Darboe before its too late, if not the hypocrites amongst you will destroy the party’s honor for selfish interest.

PPP did it when it was disbanded why not the UDP until Darboe is out of jail. Think about it while the sun shines. Your conscience against Darboe’s conscience and sacrifices and of course we the free electorate that always showed our love and always for voted Darboe.

Now listen the republic of the Gambia will exist in the next five years and until the end of times, if the UDP cannot make it this time they can make it another time. The UDP is a kingmaker and should free their people to FREELY choose whom to vote for in the opposition. The UDP should not impose on anyone or dance to the tune of any other people who want use them to hand them power on a silver platter.

If any one wants to become the president, let them toil for it democratically for that is more honorable and just for being the next president.

I will now close this article by quoting your own last statement on your press release; Quote. “It is important for parties to come together in our collective desire to end the 22 years misrule of the AFPRC/APRC regime, on the other hand, the electorates too should take their civic rights and responsibilities and deny President Jammeh their votes and massively vote for the opposition with or without alliance. It is a wrong notion to believe that change can only happen if the opposition come together, change as it is in everybody’s lips, if demonstrated into votes, there is no way it CANNOT happen.” Unquote. This is a true and powerful statement worthy of a true Darboe disciple.

We all know this conviction can nail the coffin on APRC in December Inshallah.

For what I know if Jammeh does not release Darboe now and immediately any other NEXT president will do so IMMEDIATELY after swearing in and might even personally go to Milles 2 prison and put Darboe in his vehicle for a consolation tete a tete at State House. There is no doubt about it and December is less than three months away.

GOD Bless Lawyer Darboe.

If I have offended some pundits, hypocrites and selfish people, so be it I am happy to so.

Thank you.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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