We are a movement helping the opposition to win the December election. Before giving our advice to parties, let us remind you that attacking Pa Nderry Mbai, or praising him will not make you win the next presidential elections. Pa Nderry is a very independent journalist, whose mantra is fair and balance. The electorate with the honesty and fair play of the referee the IEC are the key and not the political parties per se. Even we the movement members sometimes agree and disagree with him, although we do not directly communicate with him. We are a movement that believe in freedom of speech and association. We are whistle blowers and we forewarn participants

DR. ISATOU TOURAY TWONow we want to warn the political parties and the Independent candidate to be mindful of their public declarations of their intentions of the length time they want to stay in power. These declarations can be use against you on nomination process and audio evidence put before you to disqualify you as an official candidate. Please make sure you do not make declarations that are contrary to the constitution. Remember that the APRC has lawyers helping them to spin any flaws within the opposition just like they did with the NADD episode. So please contact your lawyers and make any disclaimer on previous pronouncements to the effect.

The second advice is, when choosing a flag bearer; one must use arithmetic to proceed. Choose and equal number of delegates from each party and add a non-partisan greater number to tip the balance to ONE candidate. For an example, 20 delegates, for each candidate from the political parties and candidate Dr. Touray plus 30 nonpartisan delegates to tip the balance. This in essence will solve the selection stalemate problem.

Finally, please avoid backstage conspiracies for it will derail the objective of finding a flag bearer.

The third advice is for the Dr. Isatou Touray and her supporters. As a woman candidate in a predominantly Muslim electorate, there are several mountains to climb before acceptance.

  • Muslims are generally bias towards men. They will tell you a woman was never a Prophet of Allah. A woman will never be an Imam of a mosque. A woman will never lead the dead to be buried in the grave. A woman cannot be the master of a husband.
  • Senegal is the most liberal country politically speaking and last election witnessed lot of 0.001% for Professor Amsatou Sow Sidibe and Juma Jeng Diakhateh. Kouthia show made a comedy show of it calling them “borom neen you barry,” This is not discourage women but to pre-warn that it is the electorates that are important in an election.

Finally, the political parties should concentrate their energies on the IEC for only the IEC can use play fair in the upcoming elections.

In conclusion, candidates should avoid promising future positions to propagandists at home and abroad for their support. The only viable and useful promise should be to the electorate.

Thank you for your attention.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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