As reported earlier by this medium, Yahya Jammeh has no solid evidence to nail any of the detained army officers accused of setting ablaze the APRC bureau. One of the armed officers, who was detained Lieutenant Abdoulie Baldeh, has been released from NIA custody.

saul-badjieNo charges were filed against Mr. Baldeh. He was detained together with Lieutenant Lamin Kambi and Captain Landing Sanyang.

The NIA is reporting that Yahya Jammeh is trying to use some of the detainees to volunteer information against their co accused persons—with the promise that he is going to elevate their ranks. Jammeh also wants to use money to induce some of the detainees to volunteer information.

Once again General Saul Badjie, is being forewarned. Jammeh is hatching a conspiracy to get you arrested or possibly liquidate you. General Badjie, I am sure you are aware of the recent curtailing of the activities of the jungullars. Jammeh is about to pounce on you. Watch your back General Badjie.

According to our source: “Yankuba Badjie is also being used by Jammeh to snitch on General Badjie, even though General Badjie has consistently defended him each time Jammeh wanted to fire and arrest him. Saul should know that Yankuba Badjie is working with Jammeh to get rid of him. Jammeh has promised to elevate his position once the mission to get rid of you is executed. Yankuba will never share with you his recent conspiracies with Jammeh.”

“Some of the detainees were asked about certain members of the jungullars and Jammeh’s bodyguards, who have absconded from the country. Yankuba Badjie has sent his boys to Dakar to search for the absconded soldiers. Jammeh has ordered covert team to locate and apprehend the absconded soldiers,” our source added.

Meanwhile, the detained former Foreign Ministry Minister Sarjo Jallow is being kept at the NIA for no reasons. The NIA is waiting on Jammeh to give them directives to act on Jallow’s case. Jammeh is cooking a case against Mr. Jallow. Mr. Jallow’s family should continue the pressure otherwise Jammeh will harm him.

Sarjo is a fearless guy. He is the least intimidated. The NIA can attest to this reportage. He is composed and calm.

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