“Do you know Yahya Jammeh is selling tickets for 100 dalasis to line up for his so-called sheep selling and then they will be telling people the sheep are not yet there, but won’t give back the money to people for the 100 dalasis they paid,” said a message we received from a concerned Gambian. The hustle in Banjul is now becoming nasty. Jammeh’s agents are now collecting gate fees for people interested in buying Tobaski ram from the dictator. Thousands of dalasi have been collected from Tobaski ram shoppers at the State House.

The soldiers have been telling shoppers that Yahya Jammeh has instructed them to collect D100 dalasi gate fee from interested ram shoppers. It is not clear if Yahya Jammeh has approved the gate fee collection, but what is clear is that shoppers are being required to pay D100 dalasi before they could access Jammeh’s rams for sale.

Given the economic hardship in the country, it is inhumane for anyone claiming to be selling ram at a discounted price to ask for gate fees. The very customers that Jammeh claimed to be helping are now complaining. They said they cannot understand why Yahya Jammeh should charge them D100 dalasi gate fee to access his rams.

The State House could not be reached for immediate comment. A number of people who bought Jammeh’s rams told this medium that they were required by the soldiers to pay D100 dalasi in order to be able to get in and buy Jammeh’s rams.

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