The revolution is not on the net. The revolution is on the ground. The change of regime we all yearn for is in the Gambia and nowhere else.  The political foot soldiers and the party militants on the ground are doing a fantastic job galvanizing cardholders to bring about that change badly needed by all Gambians at home and abroad. So please do not further confuse the ground workers with elitist theories, backstage conspiracies and wishful thinking on the net.

The IPCOU framework document posted on Freedom newspaper does not bind the IPC Executives. Please note that the IPC comprises in addition to political parties, the IEC, UNDP, EU, US and UK Embassies representatives. The IPC has not finalized its deliberations and has not published its final communique. It is after this process is complete that parties will engage themselves in the possibility of choosing a flag bearer. So please be patient.

We are at war with an entrenched dictator and we need more than the sweetness of the voice to overcome its power and tentacles. We need first and foremost the votes to push him out of office. We will be selfishly disingenuous to further confuse the voters with who should lead.

The person that should lead should be the exclusive choice of the executives of the political parties taking into consideration the wish of the electorate on the ground.

We on the ground know the terrain more than those that are not. We wake up each morning and talk to the electorate and we know their choice of candidates. Those that have access to the net are getting confused because of the net warriors fighting each other about the choice of leadership but the majority of voters on the ground that cannot afford the cost of internet access are totally focus on their preferred candidate and are talking to each other on a daily basis to attract more voters on their side. So to the net warriors please STOP the ongoing confusing and conflicting leadership war while some of you promote division more than the unity call on your lips.

One thing we can assure the diaspora is that Gambians have this time around decided to vote massively against Jammeh come December 1st elections.

So please bear with us while we connect the dots.

Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Written By Boboucarr Bojang.

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