The international community is being inform that one of the Chief enablers of dictator Yahya Jammeh, in the person of Sulayman Gassama, is on the run, and may try to seek political asylum in one of the western countries, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Gassama, used to be Jammeh’s Chief Photographer. His job at the State House was to photograph and video tape detained Gambians, who are usually exposed to systematic torture and killings at dictator Jammeh’s torture chambers and gallows.

Mr. Gassama is the son of the late Pirang Grad Marabout Tasankung Gassama. He has been complicit to Yahya Jammeh’s torture and killings of Gambians. Gassama has witnessed so many atrocities committed by dictator Jammeh’s constituted assassin team called the jungullars. He has also been in close contact with the NIA during interrogation of Gambians. 

Gassama is also a certified Pimp for dictator Jammeh. He aides Jammeh in his womanizing lifestyle by bringing girls to the State House and Kanilai for Jammeh. Gassama has contributed in consolidating the Jammeh dictatorship.

It has been gathered that Mr. Gassama has fled with his family to neighboring Senegal. He is likely to proceed to the West to seek political asylum. Western countries should properly vet Mr. Gassama. He has been aiding Jammeh to persecute Gambians. 

Mr. Gassama was out of work some months ago. He had problems with his wife, according to sources. He has absconded with his kids as well, sources added. 

His asylum claim should be vetted. Gassama is aware of the looming fall of the Jammeh regime. Hence, he has decided to jump ship before the fall of Jammeh.

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