Suma wagi namonala! Mba juli nga si jama rek? Dewenatti! Yalna Yallah nangu nyan yee. We just had a conversation last week, and we are right back at it again. Belie ya nehh jotie! Wahtan bee nak moysa sallibo.


Sam: I would first apologize to my readers and specifically to Dr. Isatou Touray, the key target of my discussion, for concluding my last paper with the statement, “I rest my case” rather than “To be continued”, since it was an unfinished business. Indeed, I had few more points of contention equally or even more important to address that I realized would have lengthen the content of the article beyond intended.

Me: Sam, NO, your apology is not accepted, and frankly, this is not a discussion but an attempt to degrade Dr. Isatou Touray. Why would you conclude with “I rest my case” in your last paper in the first place? You have no case here! As a matter of fact, Gambians have a case against you instead for shooting yourself without orders. Unfinished business with who? I think you have business with Dr. Touray, but she has no business with you. News flash, you are in business alone. And if this “unfinished business” utterance doesn’t show your malicious intent, then nothing else will.

Sam: One of such points underpinned another evidence of your insincerity with your dissident hosts in the USA when they literally obligated you to agree with their false allegation that the legal problems of your organization in the country in 2009 had something to do with President Jammeh’s opposition to your campaign to end FGM in the country. How you could allow yourself to fall for such a flagrant fabrication further revealed your level of intellectual dishonesty, considering the genesis of the case from the Spanish-based organization, Yolocamba Solidaridad that had accused GAMCOTRAP of stealing or embezzling funds they disbursed in excess of 30,000.00 Euros from a total sum of 129,824.90 Euros earmarked for microfinance projects that never happened. The case is still fresh in our minds when the Director of the Spanish organization Begona Ballesteros Sanchez flew all the way from Spain to testify against you and your colleague in Gambia’s courts.

Me: Sam, are you a prosecutor now? Why are you discussing kangaroo court allegations here? I’m sure you are aware of Jammeh’s misappropriation of funds given his flamboyant lifestyle, and his claim to own the country, Y dorko wah deh! So who is the dishonest one here? Recanting the contents of your book has made you one of the most intellectually dishonest people out there. Did you look into the mirror like I suggest in “part 2” of our conversation?

Sam: And trust me Doctor, keen and objective followers of that court proceedings might agree with me that your decisive acquittal was attributable more over the language difficulties-court technicalities-faced by the complainant, Sanchez than anything otherwise. You had quite a good lawyer and, in the end, Begona Sanchez literally abandoned the case and left the country for what had looked like her lack of time and patience.

Me: Sam, who in their right mind will trust you? You are “the liar of the century”, remember? A title bestowed on you by His Excellency, the King of Zamunda. You said the acquittal was decisive, but you still have issues with it? I guess kangaroo courts are not supposed to render “decisive acquittals”. So let’s blame it on Dr. Touray’s good lawyer then? Sorry for asking so many questions, I’m just trying to understand your sense of reasoning. Be patient with me.

Sam: Doctor, from the little I understand about the law on such organizations, whereas NGOs are supposed to be autonomous in terms of their management and maintenance, they still fall under the jurisdiction of the government to ensure their compliance with all legal and ethical operations. Meaning, among other things, that when sponsors, including those from abroad, register doubt over the unaccountability of funds disbursed to support community projects through any NGO, the government, by duty, will take up the investigation to verify the facts, establish who is implicated and if there are any suspects, the judiciary prosecutes them accordingly. That is how most people understood the background of your legal troubles with the Gambia government in 2009.

Me: Sam, where are you going with this? I don’t get it! You have stated your little understanding about the law and the background of Dr. Touray’s legal troubles in 2009, and…? She was prosecuted and “decisively acquitted”, and that’s still not reasonable to you? Lor buga laygee? Wah ma! Maybe I can help you.  

Sam: But even if he was that dogmatic in supporting FGM in the past but later had a change of heart to the extent of declaring it forbidden, reinforced by well-entrenched statutes to permanently ban the practice, why then shouldn’t you be just celebrating the major achievement now, than trying to make it all about how badly you were treated during the campaign 7 years ago? Don’t you see the irrationality or inconsideration in that attitude?

Me: Sam, your straining efforts to steal Dr. Isayou Touray’s hard work on FGM and hand all the credit to Jammeh is not working, so please let it go before you pop a muscle. Jeez louise! And what do you mean by “but even if he was that dogmatic”? He is and we all know it! Or are you just trying to let us in on a secret you think we don’t know?  

Sam: As a result, I am almost impelled to believe some critics who are convinced that your NGO had in the end become a cash cow that upon its termination through the banning of FGM in the country severely hurt your pocketbook or rendered you bankrupt.

Me: Sam, you are truly a spectacular speculator! You are impelled to believe what now? Chei! Father yow ya garaw rek!

Sam: Anyway, I am not saying that you are among the perpetrators, but we were also, before the ban, aware of the large number of Gambian women traveling to the west in search of greener pastures carrying forged affidavits prepared by anti-FGM extortionists, tendered to immigration departments as supporting documents for asylum applications. From what I am told that cash trail is also drying up rapidly.

Me: Sam, I’m just going to take the liberty here and define “speculation” – speculation is the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence. Who told you what? You are still pottering in speculation with all your degrees and military training from around the world? For your information, there is also a rumor that there are Chinese citizens is Hong Kong with Gambian passports. Speculate on that!

Sam: No matter what, Dr. Touray, I don’t think anyone or anything should turn you into a political prostitute; but even if you cannot resist the temptation I would expect that hooking up with the best pimps to maximize your profits makes more sense than surrendering yourself to the worst and most hopeless ones in the streets.

Me: Sam, did you just say “prostitute”? Wow, a seasoned prostitute giving advice. Sarr Consultation Inc. Did you surrender yourself to Jammeh because he is the best pimp in town and you are looking to maximize your profits? Who will you surrender to next? I guess that’s the street smarts in you. Yow yai bandi rek!

Sam: Hence, as much as you may think that the smear campaign could win you votes, I could also assure you that the irresponsible language and the unethical spirit at which you intend to conduct your political movement will take you nowhere near the Statehouse. You can take that to the bank.

Me: I swear, what is going on in your head, Sam? You have used derogatory language and false accusations the entire time and now you are talking about a smear campaign by Dr. Isatou Touray? Your register must be broken!

Well, Dr. Touray said she will not respond to Sam Sarr and that the state should address such irresponsible and uncivilized behavior, and I don’t blame her. She is right! She should stay focused and not yield to Sam’s dirty distraction tactics. There are also lots of other things that the state should be addressing too, but they are not. That’s when the private sector should step in and fill the gap. The state will not address Sam Sarr’s behavior because he is part of the machine. In other words, he is a prostitute working hard for his pimp with the white velvet cape and sugarcane.

To Dr. Isatou Touray, I say stay the course and let Sam play “four corners” ak ndoyam yee in the private sector. Funny how there are other candidates who are calling Jammeh out, but Sam Sarr only feels the need to try to censure Dr. Isatou Touray. Sam, I want to meet you in Conakry, so please invite me!

Written By Momodou Ndow 

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