In an attempt to cook evidence against the Kombo Central detained Independent Member of Parliament Buba Ayi Sanneh, some NIA agents were sent by Yahya Jammeh to break into Mr. Sanneh’s private car parked at his Brikama home, this medium has gathered. The NIA burglars have stolen anything they could lay their hands on in Buba’s car. The car was completely ransacked by the NIA operatives. The window to the driver’s seat had its glasses broken.

A source in Brikama, writing to the Freedom Newspaper said: “ Pa, suspected NIA operatives  had broken the glasses of Buba Ayi Sanneh’s car at night during a heavy down pour of rain and stole everything in the car. Mr. Sanneh has been abducted by Jammeh’s agents.”

“Do not be surprised if they charge Buba for treason. They are trying to cook up evidence here and there against him,” our source said. 

MP Sanneh’s wife Aji Njie, visited the Brikama police station, where she filed a complaint with the police. Her statement was taken. No arrest has been made so far.

Sources close to the NIA said Yahya Jammeh is behind the burglarizing of Buba Sanneh’s car. Sources said Jammeh’s main objective is to nail the detained MP.

“Jammeh’s original plan was to abduct and kill Buba Ayi Sanneh. But once the Freedom Newspaper reported about Buba’s arrest, he decided to change his mind,” said our source. Reports have it that Buba Sanneh was tortured  during the course of his abduction. Mr. Sanneh has been held for over two weeks now without access to lawyer, his family, or bail. 

In another development, the PPP interim leader Omar Amadou Jallow paid a visit to Buba Sanneh’s family on Sunday. He was accompanied by a delegation of PPP supporters. OJ and his team gave some money to Buba’s family.  Buba Sanneh has two wives. His wife Aji Njie is a Senegal. His second wife is Isatou Faal. Isatou Faal and Papa Faal, the wanted December, 30 State House attacker, shared the same mum and dad. Isatou is Papa Faal’s elder sister. 

Buba Sanneh was being groomed to serve as the PPP flag bearer. He got arrested few days before he was officially nominated as PPP’s flag bearer.  In fact cola nuts were served in Brikama, as a form of courtesy to inform people about Buba’s candidature, said our source. This was a week before his arrest. 

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