Pa, it is utterly disgusting for Samsudeen Sarr to continue launching sustained, malicious attacks on the person of Dr. Isatou Touray, who is brave enough to throw her hat, or should I say head tie, to rescue thousands and thousands of Gambians from the clutches of Africa’s worst dictator in the December 2016 presidential election. It is grotesque slander against a woman who prefer to stay in the Gambia despite all the injustices meted out to her and launch her candidature for the presidency with all the consequential hazards that can come with trying to dethrone the 22 -years of despotic rule.

 It is hard to imagine that a former army commander would single out Dr. Touray as a soft target to demonstrate his exaggerated patriotism to Yaya Jammeh for giving him an international job at the UN which he never merited. If that job was advertised Sam Sarr knew very well that his application would not have passed the initial selection process. No wonder he lacks the gravitas to call himself an international diplomat.

I do not have to defend Dr. Isatou Touray, her outstanding credentials and political maturity will attest for her suitability to become an effective democratic president of our nation, but one thing I know is that professional backstabbers such as Sam Sarr have no place in our society.  I abhor the fact that this shamelessly roving diplomatic prostitute calling himself a male chauvinist who lacks intellectual integrity to represent our nation at the United Nation in New York, is taking delight at trying to vilify one of the most incredibly intelligent, most conscientious and smartest woman ready to bring back hope, freedom and liberty to desperate Gambians.

I was never interested in Gambian politics before, but I am now ready to vote for Isatou because of the incessant personal attacks coming from a coward who was scared to travel to Gambia to pay his last respects to his departed parents while on he was in exile running away from the brutish rule of Jammeh whom he is today defending fanatically.

Let me share one secret with Sam Sarr. It will surprise you to know that your boss at the UN, Dr. Tangara is a cousin of Dr. Isatou Touray ne Isatou Jarra?  They are from the same family. What a shameless buffoon? This will show you that Gambians are one.

 Written By The True Democrat

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