“If the change is going to be brought about and how is that, then it would require a candidate who would have 51 per cent or more of the votes cast by the registered voters,” opposition leader Halifa Sallah told journalists shortly after the first leg of the opposition meeting to discuss the possibilities of forming an alliance to defeat dictator Yahya Jammeh, in Gambia’s upcoming Presidential elections. Mr. Sallah added: “How do we get that candidate is what we are now strategizing because if the candidate is not available, then we must develop a method of getting the candidate. If the candidate is available, then we must identify that candidate for the whole nation to know but we have not reached the point of identifying the candidate.”

The opposition meeting was held at the five star Kairaba Beach Hotel on Wednesday. Various opposition parties in the country were in attendance. The goal of the meeting was to come up with one Presidential candidate to defeat dictator Jammeh in the coming polls.

According to the PDOIS leader Halifa Sallah: “We have also gone a long way in discussing and exchanging ideas on what method to utilize to get the candidate and building the recommendation is very clear and we would convene in less than a week.”

The expelled former APRC nominated MP Ramzia Diab, who recently endorsed Dr. Isatou Jarra’s candidature as an independent told journalists that she was delegated to represent Ms. Jawara, who was not present at the meeting. She reaffirmed her support for Dr. Jarra saying “because of what I have seen.”

Ms. Diab, who is one of Isatou’s surrogates in town, has made it clear that party led coalition is not the most ideal deal at this time. She of the view that an independent should led the proposed opposition merger. A view widely shared in team Isatou Jarra Touray camp.

“I have seen that they could have all come together if they find one common cause, which I believe they all wanted to happen but then seeing the failure of NAAD in 2006, and then the failure of United Front in 2011, and this time seen an independent candidate, it is my feeling that a party led opposition would not be favorable this time around,” Ramzia Diab argued.

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