I thank all those who came to my defense and for the truth in these past few hours following the personal attacks from UDP Diaspora and Pa Nderry Mbai against my humble self in fulfilling my national duty.

madi_jobarteh_1-dMost of you have not seen the letter that I wrote to the UDP as a private citizen who recognizes that I have a duty to contribute to the development of my society. I wrote to the UDP leadership privately and copied a few of their Diaspora surrogates such as Ebrima Sillah and Suntou Tourayy with a view to fulfilling my historic responsibility to my society. I wrote to the party because I recognize it to be the biggest opposition party in the Gambia hence it is in a position of leadership to address the ills of our society. I wrote to the party in humility and offered my ideas and solutions to the best of my ability without any grudge or ill will, fear or favour. I expected the party to acknowledge my effort and respond to me to agree or disagree in the same manner as I wrote to them.

The salvation of the Gambia is not the monopoly of the government, or any party or leader or citizen of the Gambia. All Gambians have the equal right and responsibility to contribute in the best way one can to the development of the Gambia. This is why I endorse Isatou Touray. This is why I wrote to the UDP. This is why I have always engaged with various other leaders and individuals and sections of our society at home and abroad, officially, personally, privately and publicly. I will never be found wanting in my obligations to the Gambia. As Amilcar Cabral said, I am a little man doing my best for my society within the limitations of my time and circumstances.

We can agree or disagree but we must not be disagreeable. Thus I am shocked that an entity calling itself the UDP Diaspora and Pa Nderry Mbai have decided to unleash personal attacks on me for no reason. But I will give a fitting response to UDP Diaspora and Pa Nderry Mbai in my own time and manner as it befits them. Squarely.

One thing is certain though: Let them realize that no human being has the monopoly of goodwill or violence, otherwise no one could have been able to remove Hitler or Ghadaffi or dismantle Apartheid. But despite their incredible power these evils were crushed to earth never to rise up again. Similarly even when we applaud the goodwill of Mandela or Martin Luther King Jnr. we know that there are still many more men and women with more goodwill than them. One of them is Mother Theresa who has just been canonized into a beloved saint.

Hence to stand on any platform and hurl insults to your fellow human beings is a sign of weakness and cowardice otherwise called Dictatorship. This is why when one criticizes or gives an advice to a dictator that he or she does not like, the dictator turns on you with violence as they did to Solo Sandeng and thousands of Gambians over the years. Thus if UDP Diaspora and Pa Nderry Mbai wishes to be a dictators because they do not wish to hear a different opinion they do not like, well I will show them that no one has monopoly of violence or intelligence as Steve Biko taught us.

There is no human being on earth who can intimidate Madi Jobarteh, son of Sainey Jobarteh and Jonfolo Jobarteh of Boraba. Let them investigate my life story and track record to know who they are dealing with. And certainly they do not know more than me how to hurl insults till doomsday.

A fitting response will come surely. The battle continues…

Forward to One Gambia

Written By Madi Jobarteh 

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