For a candidate’s nomination be accepted at the IEC, that person must produce 5000 registered voter’s cards with signatures from each region of the Gambia. It is an electoral law requirement that Dr. Touray MUST first fulfill before official acceptance at the IEC. Therefore for Dr. Touray to be considered as a potential opposition flag bearer nominee, she MUST first fulfill the above requirement by law.

Secondly, Dr. Touray,  MUST embark on a countrywide political tour in order for us to assess her popularity amongst the Gambian electoral voters. We must first ascertain that she can bring people to her meetings before selecting her as a potential flag bearer. The reason being no party can FORCE its members, militants or sympathizers to vote by FORCE for a particular candidate. We are not in slavery days. People are FREE to vote for whom they want. No one OWNS the people, no political party owns the people. Only free will can make people vote for candidate X, Y or Z.

One MUST bear in mind this fundamental freedom of the people in mind when selecting a flag bearer.

My advice to IPC is not fall on illegality or unpopularity when selecting a flag bearer.

Thank you for your attention.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang 

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