The Director General of the National Intelligence Agency has been spotted in Dakar, Senegal, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Yankuba Badjie, is in Dakar at this hour. Senegalese intelligence are on his tail. The circumstances surrounding his trip is unclear. But sources said he arrived in Dakar, last night.

Yankuba Badjie, Saul Badjie and Ousman Sonko have been working on their exit route should the dictator should fall tomorrow. The trio have bought properties in Senegal. It is a question of when they will jump ship, but sources said the two Badjies and Sonko will soon part company with Jammeh.

Our sources in Dakar are reporting that Yankuba Badjie is running some intelligence cells in the Senegalese capital. The Gambian Embassy in Dakar is overseeing the NIA cells in Senegal, sources added. The Jammeh regime has invested heavily on counterintelligence in Senegal, source said.

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