Election experts are unanimous in agreeing that the candidate that wins Kombo North will be the next president. Kombo North, has over 50% of the registered voters. Kombo North is now divided into three constituencies and stickers will be affixed to voting cards during voting day on December 1st. The IEC has announced it and we see no problems with that.

However, we hereby give a very SERIOUS WARNING to foreigners having voting cards and are resident in Kombo North. We know who they are and they know themselves. 15 years ago, these foreigners, did not participate in our elections. They started voting for Jammeh in 2001 elections. The neighbors know who they are. Now let them be warned that this time around residents will not watch them violate our electoral laws and sovereignty. They should understand and accept that no Gambian, has ever voted in a foreign country so they have no right to vote in our elections.

On Election Day, vigilante groups will be on watch to EXPOSE any foreigner heading to the polling booths. Vigilante groups will take note of those that do not take heed of the present notice and will deal with them accordingly.

December 1st 2016, is a do or die day for Gambians to peacefully change president Jammeh as such we will not tolerate any FOREIGNER, who wants to interfere with our determination to change Jammeh.

Vigilante groups have been formed to this effect and will work closely with the army, the police and the patriotic IEC officials, to make sure Kombo North, is not hijacked by the APRC, as in the past by allowing foreigners to vote and allow multiple voting on Election Day. All fingers will be inspected before proceeding on the election process. We hereby appeal to all Kombo North residents to advice foreigners not to participate on Election Day. Most of these foreigners, are our neighbors and will be sensitized to STAY HOME.

Gambians are ready to die to make sure the upcoming elections are free and fair.

The pit bulls (ex-jugglers) are on the loose and can strike anywhere and anytime when need be. So please be warned and take this notice very SERIOUSLY.

Finally, we are hereby warning Momodou Nai Ceesay of the Immigration and the IEC to be careful and try not to replace the burnt cards at the ARPC bureau. The pit bulls knew what they were doing and will not allow you to duplicate their job. Mr. Ceesay, please be warned. Gambians are not joking this time around. We want our country back and we will take it back. In this fight to reclaim our country from Jammeh, there will be no friend or family, there are only patriots or traitors. So please take heed.

To the Foreigners having voting cards in Kombo North, we advice you to stay home on December 1st failing which, blame yourself for anything that befalls you.

Until Election Day. Stay safe.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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