Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh has been fired his longtime Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, with immediate effect, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Sonko received his dismissal letter on Friday, before close of business. His firing has not been made public yet. Hopefully, in coming hours, The Gambian state will come up with an announcement about Sonko’s firing.

Unless Sonko’s firing is rescinded, this medium can confirm that the man associated with the killing of the onetime Jammeh close confidant Almamo Manneh, has been dismissed. Sonko is no more. He has been removed!

Mr. Sonko has been replaced by an active serving member of The Gambia Armed Forces Momodou Alieu Bah. Mr. Bah used to be the Director of Finance at GAF. He was jailed in March of 2006, on coup related charges. He was later pardoned by dictator Jammeh, after implicating the former CDS Lang Tombong Tamba. 

Mr. Sonko and Jammeh have not been getting along lately. He was seen around the State House on Friday. He got fired hours later.

No reason has been given for Sonko’s firing. Sources close to the State House said an order has been issued for Sonko’s arrest. The NIA investigation team are currently on standby to receive Sonko once he is picked up for questioning.

Reports have it that some senior Jolla officers at the State House have been lined up to be picked for questioning. More arrests are expected in coming hours.

In another development, NIA officer Samba Bah has been dismissed with immediate effect. Mr. Bah, used to be the Director of Political Affairs at the NIA. He got fired on Friday.

In another related Gambian news, a good number of the personnel of Gambia’s Army Band have absconded. The officers have embarked on an AWOL (Absent from work without leave).  

Meanwhile, Yahya Jammeh is on leave. He was dropped in Kanilai by his guards on late Thursday evening after ordering for Ousman Sonko’s dismissal. Mr. Sonko reported to the State House on Friday, where he was handed with his dismissal letter. 

The detained former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister is being held at the NIA. He is kept at a cell, pending further directive from Jammeh, sources said. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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Below is a story published by our sister online paper on Friday.  Please read on.


As dictator Yahya Jammeh’s government is about to be declared history, more and more close Jammeh aides, including some personnel of his assassin team are on the run, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The army command in Banjul is reporting that the following soldiers have embarked on an AWOL— (absent from work without leave).

  1. Dawda Mbye of the State Guard
  2. Jungullar Sheriff Sanyang
  3. Papa Sey Jatta, soldier, a close aide of dictator Jammeh
  4. Cherno Bah, soldier
  5. Alasan Bojang, soldier
  6. Sulayman Jarju, soldier

It’s imperative to note that the aforementioned soldiers used to be Jammeh’s most trusted security aides. They were aided by General Saul Badjie, Yankuba Badjie, and CDS Ousman Badjie to escape. This followed, an order issued by Jammeh for the above mentioned soldiers to be arrested. The persons listed in this report were alerted by the Badjies to escape from arrest.

Lt. Dawda Mbye, works with the plain clothe division of the State Guard. He receives joint military training in Mauritania and locally. He was the first to get out of the country. He was alerted by Gen. Badjie and co to leave or risked being arrested. Mbye left the State House and picked up his belongings at the Fajara barracks before leaving the country. He passes through a checkpoint around Darsilami, where he spent some time with the guards posted there.

Solider Papa Sey Jatta, was playing “draft” at the State House, when he received a phone call from Gen. Badjie’s team that he should leave the country as soon as possible. Papa, then suddenly left the palace. He used to be Jammeh’s close buddy.

The remaining soldiers were also aided to leave the country. Something is going on within the State House. Gen. Badjie wants to be the nice guy among the command and yet he occasionally teamed up with Jammeh to sacrifice his boys. Saul Sambou’s arrest was a ploy to distract the command from the recent mass exodus of soldiers from the military.

The NIA is reporting that the absconded soldiers have been wanted in connection with the APRC bureau arson attack and the other spate of firebombings of Jammeh’s assets in the country. The same NIA, headed by Yankuba Badjie, conspired with General Badjie and CDS Badjie to aid the soldiers to escape. The three Badjies have promised the fugitive soldiers that they will soon return to the country, even though one of their colleague Saul Sambou is still under custody at the Fajara barracks. Saul Sambou, has been speaking to Gen. Badjie and co privately. What’s going on Gambia??? Time will tell.

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