The newly formed Gambian opposition party—The Gambia Democratic Party (GDC), has been listed by the NIA as a “political national threat” according to competent intelligence sources at the seat of power in Banjul. Many government officials, including security chiefs risked being arrested and fired based on Jammeh’s own delusional suspicion that the suspected workers are sympathetic and affiliated to Mama Kandeh’s party.  Government officials from the local tribe Mandinka, Wollof,  Jollas, and more importantly the Fulani tribe believed to be sympathetic to the GDC are being targeted for possible arrest and sacking, this medium can authoritatively report.

YanksThe latest official to be fired is Samba Bah, of the National Intelligence Agency, NIA. Mr. Bah, who was the head of the NIA’S Political Affairs Division, has been fired because of allegations that he is affiliated to the GDC party. He has been accused of leaking internal NIA information and programs ahead of the polls to the GDC, a claim rejected by GDC sources. Mr. Bah, has no affiliation with the GDC, our source said.

“Jammeh is paranoid. He is not convinced about Samba Bah’s loyalty. Mr. Bah was in charge of monitoring political activities in the country, including the opposition. Like Mama Kandeh, Samba Bah too is a Fula. Jammeh has started purging Fullas, he suspects of supporting or being sympathetic to Mama Kandeh,” said our source.

Samba Bah, was not told why he was fired. He was just merely informed that his services with the NIA, has been terminated with immediate effect.

“Jammeh’s game plan is to intimidate government officials ahead of the elections. Mama Kandeh, has so many supporters and loyalists in the government. In the case of Samba Bah, there is no evidence that he supports Mama and the GDC. Other than him being a Fulla, there is no reason for his sacking. He was doing his job to the best of his ability. But that’s Jammeh; he is good at using divide and rule tactic to stay in power. The NIA has a long list of government workers under investigations at this hour for their alleged ties with the GDC,” said our source at the State House.

Lieutenant Abdoulie Baldeh of the State Guard was arrested last week for frivolous reasons. The NIA held him in connection  with Jammeh’s cattle, but sources said that was a decoy. Baldeh has been labelled as a GDC sympathizer. He was later released and asked to report back to work.

The NIA underestimated Mama Kandeh from the word go. Jammeh himself has never thought that Mama will amass such a support base across the country. The GDC has overnight become the new party to fill leadership void within the APRC failed leadership. It is crucially imperative for Mr. Kandeh and his party to partner with the existing opposition parties to effect a peaceful political change. The average Gambian wants change. Gambians are tired of Jammeh and his failed leadership. 

saul-badjie-e1441514359592In another development, one Mat Ndimbalan, has been detained by the NIA. Mr. Ndimbalan is being held in connection with his alleged ties with the wanted former State Guard plain clothe officer Lt. Dawda Mbye.

According to sources, Mr. Ndimbalan, who is a lorry driver, got into trouble because of General Saul Badjie’s driver. Gen. Badjie’s driver couldn’t read and write. He is a virtual illiterate. He asked Mr. Ndimbalan to help him write a text message for him, which Badjie’s driver intended to send the said text to Dawda Mbye, who is at large at this hour. Mr. Mbye is wanted in connection with the burning of the APRC political bureau.

When the NIA arrested Gen. Badjie’s driver, after been accused of communicating with an army officer fugitive, he told the investigators that he was aided by Mat Ndimbalan to communicate with Dawda Mbye. He also told the NIA that Mat helped him writing a text message to Mr. Mbye.

General Badjie’s driver, was held at one of the houses belonging to the Real Estate Mogul, and businessman Mustafa Njie, alias Taf. The house in question is situated in Kombo Sanyang. He was later released.

Acting on the information given to them by Badjie’s driver, the NIA arrested Mat Ndimbalan. Mr. Ndimblan was blindfolded and taken to the NIA secret detention center in Sanyang. He is still being held by the NIA.

In another development, State House Jammeh aides have informed this medium that Yankuba Badjie, has been sent to Senegal on security related missions. Sources said Badjie is likely to meet with his Senegalese security counterparts during his trip. There are major national security issues—particularly border and dissident activities bothering Jammeh at this hour, our source added.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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