The wife of the dismissed Interior Minister Amie Ndong, has said that Yahya Jammeh’s decision to relieve her husband from his cabinet portfolio, was predestined by God. Ms. Ndong was speaking to this reporter during a phone conversation on her NIA official line. Ms. Ndong works at the NIA. She is heading a Department at the agency.

“It is the will of God. That was what God has ordained,” she tells me during a phone conversation. This reporter pretended to be a sympathizer of the sacked Interior Minister. Ms. Ndong sounded very down and emotional when speaking with this author.  She said “everything should be left in the hands of God.”

When contacted for comment, Ms. Ndong asked this caller to identify himself which he did. The caller claimed to be one Momodou  Jarju. Ms. Ndong briefly spoke to him on her NIA allocated official line.  She confirmed that her husband has been fired by Jammeh. Although, she never commented further on the story besides saying that Sonko’s sacking was prescribed by God.

“We will accept it in good faith. It’s God decision. Let leave everything in the hands of God,” she said.

While talking to Ms. Ndong, the phone suddenly dropped. We tried calling her, but she refused to talk when confronted with questions about Sonko’s sacking. She immediately became suspicious that the caller was somehow fishing for information about her disgraced husband’s firing. 

We tried to reach Ms. Ndong this afternoon on the phone, but she refused to entertain any further conversation about the sacking of Sonko.

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