The Ping-Pong game between dictator Yahya Jammeh and his perceived political adversaries continued to go unabated. As reported in our previous publications, Jammeh is working very hard to liquidate his close aides. General Saul Badjie is among those lined up to be dumped by the dictator and possibly killed. Badjie, too is not taking chances. A showdown between Badjie and Jammmeh will upset our fragile so called peace.

Zeinab Jammeh exposedOver the weekend, Jammeh took his family to Kanilai after dismissing one of his longtime henchmen Interior Minister Ousman Sonko. The First Lady Zeinab Souma Jammeh spent the weekend in Kanilai with Jammeh. She doesn’t like Kanilai, but due to security reasons, Jammeh decided to move her to Kanilai, until the dust surrounding Sonko’s disgraceful sacking settles.  

Zeinab Jammeh has finally returns to the Capital City Banjul, leaving her mischievous, and mad dog corrupt husband behind. Members of the security forces were sent on route lining on Sunday, to welcome the First Lady. They spent hours on the road waiting for Zeinab. 

Having Zeinab Jammeh in Banjul, where the seat of power is situated is a good thing. General Badjie and his partners are in good standing to act at the right time. Jammeh thinks that he can have it both ways. He can hatch a plot in Kanilai to liquidate the Badjies, including Sonko, and expects that the State House would be a safe zone for him. Time will tell!

Due to lack of funds, Jammeh couldn’t afford to send Zeinab to overseas at this time to hangout until he accomplishes his treacherous plot to take out General Badjie, and others on his enemies list. For now, Zeinab, had to stay in Banjul, until the necessary funds have been raised to plan for her safe exit route.

Word within the State House said General Badjie and his men are on a heighten alert. They will crush any showdown coming from Jammeh’s newest security loyalists. In fact, Badjie is likely to strike before Jammeh comes for him. The tension is very high at this hour.

ma-bahArmy officer MA Bah is Jammeh’s agent to execute the plot. MA Bah happens to be a Jammeh victim in the past. He was arrested in March of 2006, and tortured by Jammeh’s constituted assassin team called the jungullars.  Bah was later arraigned before Jammeh’s kangaroo courts and sentenced to twenty five years.

Mr. Bah was granted presidential pardon by Jammeh after helping the dictator to prosecute and convict his former boss Lang Tombong Tamba. Mr. Bah told the NIA that when he informed Lang Tombong about Ndure Cham’s plans to topple the regime, Lang rubbishes his complaint. Ndure Cham is the former Army Chief of Defense Staff. Bah said Lang even branded him as someone crazy or daydreaming. 

Based on MA Bah’s testimony against Lang, Jammeh decided to pardon him. He was reinstated into the army—this time around with a promotion.

Today, MA Bah is being called to duty to help liquidate the likes of General Badjie and co. MA Bah should be very careful. Dictators around world do not have permanent friends, but permanent interest. Bah risked being used and discarded like a toilet paper by Jammeh.

As far as fortnights ago, MA Bah and his colleagues at the GAF Credit Unit have been under investigation. The military intelligence have been assigned by Jammeh to probe into allegations that soldiers’ funds have been allegedly embezzled by certain top echelon of the army. Mr. Bah in particular has been implicated in that report. The source of his assets is a subject of investigation by the military intelligence.

During the MI investigations, MA Bah told the investigators that the two storey buildings he is building belongs to his brother, who is purportedly residing in America. Mr. Bah knew for a fact that he was lying. He just wants to evade justice or defeat the MI investigations by coming up with such bogus makeup lies.

MA Bah, should refuse to be used by Jammeh to partake in any conspiracy to harm his colleagues at GAF. Mr. Bah should renounce any form of allegiance he had for Jammeh and work with progressive Gambians to restore sanity in this country. Mr. Bah should draw lesson from the March coup. He was falsely accused and jailed for twenty five years. If his former accuser Yahya Jammeh, should turn to him, and seeks his support to liquidate the likes of General Badjie,and co, he should think twice.

YanksThere is total confusion and panic in every sector of our security forces. No one seems to know what’s happening. Jammeh is employing his old game of divide, and rule and conquer to show seeds of discord amongst members of the security forces.

Time is going to tell who will have the final laugh. The world is keenly watching developments at the State House.

The novice NIA boss Yankuba Badjie is back in town. Little did he know that Jammeh is about to send him packing. One by one, they will all go to Jammeh gallows, if they fail to act tactfully to end the Jammeh divisiveness.

For Ousman Sonko, his best bet is to abscond and seek refuge in Senegal. His chances of escaping is next to nil—given the amount of surveillance being launched against him.

Since Ousman has a home in Mbour, in Senegal, he should just sneak to Brufut and travel by boat to cross to the other bank of the river. Mbour is not far from Brufut. Sonko should give it a try before Jammeh will send him to his gallows.

Having Sonko under Senegal’s watchful eyes, will help a great deal in expediting efforts to arrest and possibly bring Jammeh to book. Sonko has been complicit to so many state organized assassination of journalists, political opponents and soldiers. Having such a key player in Jammeh’s atrocities against our people, as a witness, will help to some extent in dispensing justice to Jammeh and his partners in crime.

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